August 29, 2016

Press Reports Kaepernick’s ‘Openly Racist’ Trump Slam, Ignores His ‘Prison’ Comment on Hillary

Those who continue to bitterly cling to the notion that the press is fair and balanced won’t be able to explain this one away.

In covering Colin Kaepernick’s Sunday comments about his decision to sit through the National Anthem just before the beginning of National Football League games, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback called GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “openly racist.” He immediately followed by stating that “any other person” would “be in prison” for having “done (the) things illegally” that Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton has done. The press has frequently mentioned what Kaepernick said about Trump, but has almost completely ignored what he said about Mrs. Clinton.


Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Announces She Can’t Be Objective About Trump (We Knew Already, Ma’am)

In what must be at least the twentieth media installment of “I can’t be objective about this,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski brought out her death stare as she reacted on Friday’s Morning Joe show to Donald Trump’s characterization of Hillary Clinton as a bigot — after several months during which Mrs. Clinton, her campaign and the press (but I repeat myself) have routinely called Trump or his rhetoric “racist.” Apparently unaware that we heard her the first time, Brzezinski addressed Mr. Trump as if there, saying “You have no idea” three separate times, and also said, “I can’t pretend and sort of try to cover this fairly and put it in a veil of objectivity.” Why don’t you tell us something we didn’t already know, ma’am?

The clueless one is Brzezinski if she really believes that Trump’s observations about what 50 years of Democratic Party “compassion” have done to America’s inner cities are off-base, or if she really believes that Hillary Clinton won’t be thrilled to accept another four or more years of lost opportunity, shattered dreams and lost lives there by making promises she has no intention of keeping in the name of getting elected.


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Positivity: Scherlen kids surprised with police escort on first day of school

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From Amarillo, Texas (HT Good News Network), where police officer Justin Scherlen died earlier this month, 11 months after his vehicle was struck “during the performance of his official duties”:


For Jessica Scherlen it’s a year of firsts.

“It’s a really emotional time,” Scherlen said.

Her son Jackson is starting Pre-K and it’s the first year the kids won’t have their dad there to see them on the big day.

“I’d give it all back just to have Justin here with his son,” said Officer Daniel Smith. “At least we can be here for him and let Jackson know that he always has someone to call on.”

A sea of police officers showed up to walk Jackson into Coronado Elementary to wish him luck and hug him goodbye.

“He was shocked when we first showed up and saw everything,” Scherlen said.

As Scherlen looked at her grown up four-year-old with his dad’s eyes, she said she’d do anything to have him here for the first day.

“I think his daddy would be very proud of how his brothers and sisters have stepped up to be here for his kids,” Scherlen said.

It wasn’t just emotional for the family, spending the afternoon with Justin’s two youngest sons brings back memories of their friend who passed away two weeks ago after complications following an on-duty crash.

“He was always so kind to everyone,” said Carla Burr. “Even this last year when he was in so much pain and not even able to walk on his own sometimes, he would always ask what he could do for you. Constantly checking in on people.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.