September 4, 2016

As Mother Teresa Is Canonized, CNN and Wash Post Get in Last Digs

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In the Catholic Church since 2003, Mother Teresa was formally considered Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. Sunday, Pope Francis canonized her as Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Two outlets in particular have recently given voice to those who stridently take exception to what virtually the entire world recognizes as her noble life and works. On Thursday, the Washington Post chose to run a slightly updated version of an item (“Why Mother Teresa is still no saint to many of her critics”) originally published in December of last year. The really disgraceful work came out of CNN Sunday morning, where the headline described her as a “troubled individual.” Reporters Mallika Kapur and Sugam Pokharel featured the intensely personal criticism of a man who — undisclosed to readers — is a “progressive” who is obsessed with shutting down the religious order St. Teresa founded.


NY Times: No Hillary Pressers, No Problem; The Rich Ask Her ‘Hundreds of Questions’

Imagine if 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had spent almost all of his campaigning efforts hobnobbing with rich donors to the virtual exclusion of public appearances. The press would have mercilessly pounded him for fitting the “they only care about the one percent” GOP stereotype.

The New York Times has noticed that 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been doing exactly what would subject any Republican presidential candidate to withering criticism. Saturday evening, in a story which appeared in on the front page of Sunday’s print edition, reporters Amy Chozick and Jonathan Martin desperately tried damage control, while perhaps sending a warning to Team Clinton that, with the polls tightening, they need to get their candidate out more.


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (090416)

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Positivity: Mother Teresa once made an incognito visit to a prison in Rome

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From Rome:

Sep 2, 2016 / 06:29 am

Twenty-two years ago, Mother Teresa of Calcutta quietly visited the Regina Coeli prison in Rome, and now, just days before her canonization, she has “returned” for another visit, thanks to the help of technology.

The Regina Coeli prison in Rome, located not far from the Vatican, hosted an emotional encounter of detainees and two Missionaries of Charity – members of the congregation that Mother Teresa founded – who were able to bring the soon-to-be saint to life through a documentary film teaching more about her.

The prison currently houses 900 detainees, but in years prior, it had come to hold some 1,200. Father Vittorio Trani, a Conventual Franciscan and prison chaplain for 38 years, knew them all. He explained to CNA that Mother Teresa visited the prison in May 1994.

“She came somewhat incognito. I gave permission so they would let her in (because of the heavy security measures) but I didn’t tell anyone about it. She came in and attended Mass with a few detainees. It was very emotional,” he related.

“We had set aside a nice chair for her in the middle, but when she came and saw it, she looked at me and said no and went to another simple chair that was in the back,” the priest recalled with a smile.

“Like other great saints, Mother Teresa has a lot of importance here also because the detainees see her as someone close (to them), she had that ability to be close to people,” he noted.

The priest explained that “we organized this encounter; it’s a very good occasion for the prisoners who don’t know her to get to do so” but especially to “bring them the message she came to announce to them.”

“This Sunday, the day of the canonization, we will celebrate a Mass, and then afterwards everyone will be able to see the ceremony on the television they have in their cells,” he said. …

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