September 6, 2016

Team Clinton’s Labor Strategy Reveals That They’re Worried About Ohio

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On Labor Day, the Hillary Clinton campaign sent Bill Clinton to Cincinnati’s union-sponsored Labor Day picnic at Coney Island.

Mrs. Clinton and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were in Cleveland.

Cleveland is supposed to be securely Democratic. Why have both nominees there when the rest of the state leans Republican?

Cincinnati, though the city has mostly turned blue, has a Republican establishment which, though it has RINO tendencies, appears to be less likely to reflexively reject Donald Trump like the Metro DC GOP establishment has. Thanks to Trump opponent John Kasich, his gubernatorial apparatchiks, and his RINO-leaning state party organization, Columbus would seem to be a place where Mrs. Clinton and/or Kaine could siphon off Republican and independent voters.

It seems that Mrs. Clinton and Kaine could have made more headway in Cincinnati or Columbus (separately, one would think) than together in Cleveland, which would have been perfectly satisfied having Bill Clinton there to entertain them.

I say Clinton and Kaine went to Cleveland because they saw the need to shore up their supposedly reliable but significantly Trump-defecting base.

If that’s really the reason, they’re far more worried about Ohio than they’re letting on — as they should be.


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