September 10, 2016

AP Botches Coverage of Hillary’s Regret’ Over Attack on Trump Backers As ‘Deplorables’

As I noted in a Saturday afternoon post, the Associated Press, in covering Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s outrageous Friday night description of “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters as a collection of “deplorables” — as in “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it,” an undetermined “some” of whom are “irredeemable” — made its initial story primarily about Donald Trump’s reaction. It’s as if the wire service believed that what Mrs. Clinton said didn’t really qualify as news until Trump commented on it.

Later, a full AP story had a headline claiming that Mrs. Clinton had called “many” Trump supporters “deplorables,” clearly intending for readers who wouldn’t click through to see Catherine Lucey’s story a false impression. I’m aware of no effort by the AP to correct that erroneous headline. But when the it made a lesser mistake covering Mrs. Clinton’s partial walkback (that’s Politico’s term, not mine), it fixed things faster than you can say one of her husband’s formerly favorite slogans (“Make America Great Again”).


Hillary Says ‘Half’ of Trump’s Supporters Are ‘Deplorables’; AP Headline Says ‘Many’

At a Friday night fundraiser serendipitously open to the press, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton characterized half of Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” and further described an undetermined number of these “deplorables” as “irredeemable.”

As has so often been the case, the headline and opening paragraph of the initial report at the Associated Press about her remarks, seen in a running “The Latest” series, wasn’t really about her. It was about Donald Trump’s reaction. A later headline, desperately trying to cover up Mrs. Clinton’s critical mistake for people who won’t click through to read Catherine Lucey’s report, said that she only called “many” Trump supporters “deplorables,” not “half.”


Juan Williams: Clintons’ ‘Make America Great Again’ Pitches Were Different ‘In Context’

Leftist reporters and commentators have been tagging the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as bigoted and hateful virtually since his candidacy began. Somehow, even though many of them surely recall it without having to do any research, they’ve managed to fail to note that Bill Clinton used those very words in 2008 to promote his wife Hillary’s presidential candidacy against then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Clinton himself characterized Trump’s slogan as racist earlier this week, even though he also used that exact phrase on at least four occasions to promote his own presidential candidacy in 1992.

Leave it the Fox News’s Juan Williams, who has now admitted that he’s among those who recalls Bill Clinton’s past use of the phrase, to try to pathetically excuse all of this hypocrisy based on “context.” In a Friday morning appearance on the network’s America’s Newsroom, host Bill Hemmer and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown were having none of it.


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Positivity: Pope blesses picture of Mother Angelica for EWTN Germany

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From Vatican City:

Sep 9, 2016 / 09:04 pm

During the general audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis blessed a framed picture of Mother Angelica, the foundress of EWTN.

“She’s up there (in heaven) because she was a great woman,” the Holy Father said Sept. 7 to the EWTN employees who will now take the picture to their new offices to be opened in Cologne.

The director of EWTN in Germany, Martin Rothweiler, commenting on the meeting with the Pope, said that he blessed the picture with “great cordiality and sympathetic feeling.”

This is not the first time the Holy Father has referred to Mother Angelica.

In February he sent her a blessing while traveling to Mexico; in March he blessed another picture of the religious, and in July he commented that she was “a holy woman” in a meeting with an American priest who currently lives in Rome. …

Go here for the rest of the story.