September 12, 2016

Classic Misdirection at AP: Headline Says Economy Will Grow, Doesn’t Mention Declining Predictions

Though the focus has often been elsewhere during much of the 2016 presidential campaign, the state of the U.S. economy, which has limped along at an annual growth rate of 1.2 percent during the past four quarters, remains an important election issue.

Since Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton represents the party currently in power, it is incumbent on the left-leaning press to make the current underachieving and bitterly disappointing economy look as good as it possibly can for the next two months. Accordingly, the headline Monday morning in a story at the Associated Press about a group of economists which has just lowered its consensus growth forecast only tells readers: “Growth expected for at least 2 more years.”


As It Finally Begins Covering Hillary’s Health, HuffPo Political Editor Tweets Trigger Warning to Readers

The Huffington Post faced a quandary yesterday.

Because of the “medical episode” Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton suffered yesterday, HuffPo Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein knew that far-left website, after months of avoidance, would have to break down and start treating her health and stamina as genuine news topics. But he also decided that he needed to tweet the equivalent of a trigger warning to the website’s large cadre of easily offended, reality-avoiding readers.


Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (091216)

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Positivity: 9/11 Hero Todd Beamer’s Son is All Grown Up Now and He’s Playing College Football

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From Wheaton, Illinois (videos at link)

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

We were all deeply moved and inspired by the brave passengers of Flight 93 who stormed the cockpit, attempting to wrest the plane from the evil terrorists who had killed the crew and were headed toward an unknown destination on September 11, 2001. By crashing the plane into a field in Pennsylvania, it’s likely they spared a high-value target like the White House or the capitol, saving the lives of thousands and preserving a national landmark.

Todd Beamer was one of those passengers, a hero whose voice was seared in our memories as he made a call to a GTE airphone operator, asking her to say the Lord’s Prayer with him before he and others tried to take the cockpit. His final recorded words were “Let’s roll!” Thirty-seven passengers, including Beamer, and seven crew members lost their lives in the attack on Flight 93.

As the country tried to come to grips with the horror of the 9/11 attacks, Todd’s widow, Lisa Beamer, was a model of grace and courage. Pregnant with their third child at the time, she spoke bravely about her grief and the Christian faith that enabled her to endure the unthinkable nightmare. She also confidently testified to husband’s faith and her certainty that she would be reunited with him again in heaven.

Now, their eldest son, David, is playing football at his parents’ alma mater, Wheaton College in Illinois. CBS Sports featured the team in the video below, describing how, 15 years ago, the Wheaton Thunder football team adopted “Let’s Roll” as their motto, and how the words—and Todd Beamer’s courage—have inspired the young men who have played for Wheaton over the years.

“His son’s moved on with his life, despite the fact that he lost his dad. He’s a very strong kid. Just seeing him here shows that America is resilient,” the narrator says on the video. “Todd Beamer’s prayers have definitely been answered.”

Go here to see the two videos.

More about one of David Beamer’s accomplishments as a football player (so far) is here.