September 16, 2016

AP Ignores New Developments, Still Insists: ‘No Evidence’ That Hillary Started ‘Birther’ Rumors

The press continues to ignore reality by insisting that it’s a settled matter that Hillary Clinton was never involved in fomenting and promoting the Barack Obama “birther” rumors.

Even today, with damning new evidence that a campaign apparatchik started such an effort, and that a confidant whose relationship with the Clintons goes back to Bill Clinton’s presidency pitched the story to a former journalist at a respected news service, reporters Jill Colvin and Jonathan Lemire at the Associated Press, which deserves far less respect, insisted, as if it’s an undisputed fact, that “there is no evidence” that “the ‘birther movement’ was started by Hillary Clinton.”


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Positivity: These converts met the Church through EWTN in the Middle East

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From Stockholdm, Sweden:

Sep 15, 2016 / 10:04 pm

Arne and Barbara Sahlstrom are a Swedish married couple, both brought up as Lutherans, though they were not practicing.

They began to be interested in the Catholic faith with the visit of Pope John Paul II to Sweden in 1989, and got fully into it through programs on EWTN while they were living in Dubai and they finally entered the Catholic Church. This is their story.

As told by José Miguel Cejas, author of the book Cálido Viento del norte (Warm Wind from the North), Barbara studied voice in various Swedish cities and in Uppsala she met Arne Sahlstrom whom she would later marry. Arne was studying French and English literature before starting a medical career and he was also from a Lutheran family, although he was not practicing.

Arne specialized in advanced surgical techniques and Barbara became a professor of voice and was part of the choir of the symphonic orchestra. In June 1989, John Paul II visited Sweden. At that time they were surprised by his personage.

Religión En Libertad (Religion in Freedom) tells this story of conversion and drawing near to the faith. Shortly after the pope’s visit to Sweden, Barbara’s mother came down with cancer. It was then that Barbara began to pray and found a Bible.

“As I had never read it I couldn’t tell the difference between the Old and New Testament. When I was a girl, from the ages of five to eight, I went to Sunday School every Sunday, where there were some ladies who read us the Bible.”

In July 2001, Arne was assigned to work in Saudi Arabia, a majority Muslim country. There, Barbara began to look on the Internet for religious programs. This is how she got to know the EWTN network, founded by Mother Angelica.

“Day after day I watched programs that talked about that Catholicism that my mother was so interested in, and I commented on them or watched them again with Arne,” Barbara said.

Discovering Catholicism was a big surprise for Barbara. “We had never heard the infinite mercy of God spoken about and the love of a God who is very close to us: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Trinity that lives in our souls. The God that had been presented to us until then was very distant. We also then learned about the doctrine of Purgatory.”

Later they decided to leave for Bahrain and Dubai. There they found Saint Francis Catholic Parish where Mass was celebrated on Friday, the Muslim day of worship, because the other days were work days.

In that place Father Eugene Mattioli helped the couple learn about Catholicism and delve into the history of the Church. “It was a pleasant journey. Everything attracted us. What we especially liked was the importance given in Catholicism to the relationship between reason and faith,” Barbara explained. …

Go here for the rest of the story.