September 16, 2016

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (091616)

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  1. Liberalism may make a turn if given the proper nudge and circumstance, IMO:

    Jeff Bezos on nuclear reactors in space, the lack of bacon on Mars and humanity’s destiny in the solar system

    “I wish there were a trillion humans in the solar system. Think how cool that would be. You’d have a thousand Einsteins at any given moment—and more. There would be so much dynamism with all of that human intelligence. But you can’t do that with the resources on Earth or the energy on earth. So if you really want to see that kind of dynamic civilization as we expand through the solar system, you have to figure out how to safely move around and use resources that you get in space.”

    Bolds mine.

    That statement was made from the mouth of a liberal…Here is the rare liberal expression of seeing humanity as a benefit instead of a disease to be controlled or eradicated. Imagine liberalism picking itself up after a Hillary loss, a Trump presidency in which the hoax of Global Warming is put down, the government stop wasting tax payer dollars on being fleeced by Green Profiteers and that money diverted back to an economic growth paradigm…It would be like building the Interstate Highway system in the US, the facilitation of commerce that supports the growth model of economic expansion.

    Liberalism has destroyed itself by carping and complaining over a diminishing pile using the zero sum paradigm. What Bezos is offering liberals and Liberalism is a new paradigm to build their utopia, not on a limited Earth but in unlimited Space, the solar system.

    Interesting thought isn’t it? A reformed liberalism growing out of the ashes of a Clinton defeat. It would be good for everyone including Conservatives as the limitless frontier of the solar system would allow liberals to self sort themselves into their own communities by choice instead of imposing their will on others and co-opting the consent of the governed here on Earth. They could engage in their own Venezuela of their own making, issuing their nonsensical decrees, being dictatorial without dragging millions of innocent people into the hell hole of their ideology. The only ones harmed will be the deluded fools who believe in the meritocracy of celebrity guided by their shallow virtue signaling self righteousness. Let us hope Bezos is successful in his endeavors.

    Comment by dscott — September 16, 2016 @ 8:33 am

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