September 19, 2016

How Liberal Pollsters and Leftists Define Racism Is Completely Bogus

I’m posting this because a post earlier today targeting NewsBusters was edited for length when it was published (that is of course their perogrative).

What got edited out was a detailed look at the five “magic” question a Reuters/Ipsos used to identify “racism.” Those questions do no such thing, and it’s a good idea to dedicate a discrete post to tear them apart.

So here goes.

The questions Reuters asked (framed the question in comparison to “whites,” but the issue is blacks compared to all other Americans):

  1. Are blacks less intelligent than non-blacks?
  2. Do blacks have a weaker work ethic than non-blacks?
  3. Are blacks more rude than non-blacks?
  4. Are blacks more violent than non-blacks?
  5. Are blacks more criminal than non-blacks?

According to Reuters, the media and the left, especially in academia, if you answer “yes” to one or more of these five questions, you are a racist, end of argument.

Horse manure.

Holding any of those views is not an automatic indicator of racism — and this fallacy, which should be obvious to anyone, has seriously polluted political discourse in the U.S. for far too long.

You identify a genuine racist by asking the “born that way” question. That is, are blacks as a race inherently inferior because they are born less intelligent, lazier, more rude, more violent, and more criminal than members of other races? Only people who would say “yes” would likely qualify as racists. I would argue that fewer than 5 percent of all non-black Americans agree with even one of the five statements; my guess is that it’s more like 2 percent (to be clear, this was not always so; it’s a credit to the people of this nation that these attitudes have changed as much as they have in the space of no more than four generations).

There are perfectly good reasons why respondents who are not racist in any way, shape or form would agree with each of the five statements in the Reuters/Ipsos poll:

  • Intelligence — A disproportionate percentage of the black population receives substandard educations at inferior urban public schools and/or live in family situations where the parent or parents fails to treat childhood education with sufficient seriousness. Affected children leave school with lower test scores and lower levels of basic literacy. Non-blacks, on the whole, attend stronger schools and have more stable and education-oriented family environments. Sadly, this means that blacks on the whole enter the adult world less educated, both in terms of how far they progressed through school, and in what they have actually learned, know, and can do. Those who have seen this disparity play out in real life will regretfully agree, without any hint of racism, that black adults in 2016 America are on the whole less intelligent than non-blacks, as much as they sincerely wish it were not so.
  • Work ethic — 50 years on, LBJ’s Great Society programs have devastated the black family and urban areas. Two-thirds of black children grow up in single-parent households, many in far less than ideal financial circumstances. It takes a dedicated parent or parents with the time, energy and motivation to push kids to develop a work ethic. It doesn’t happen as if by magic. Minimum-wage laws shut young blacks out of work ethic-building opportunities. There are many other influences here, almost all of them negative. Sadly, all of this means that blacks on the whole enter the adult world less prepared for work and less willing to work hard. Those who have seen this disparity play out in real life are going to regretfully agree, without any hint of racism, that black adults in 2016 America on the whole do not have as strong a work ethic as non-blacks, as much as they sincerely wish it were not so.
  • Rude — Again, we go back to the disastrous influence of the Great Society and its impact on the black family. Then add in the cultural influences which have filled the void, including violent and pornographic rap music. Too many black kids haven’t been taught manners and have instead picked up what they believe are cultural norms from people who behave badly. (Just one small example: Kanye West suffered little to no negative impact on his career for disrupting an awards ceremony because his favorite singer didn’t win Artist of the Year; in fact, it probably advanced his career.) Sadly, this means that blacks on the whole enter the adult world with less of a sense of politeness than non-blacks. Those who have seen the difference in behavior in real life are going to regretfully agree, without any hint of racism, that blacks in 2016 America on the whole are more rude than non-blacks, as much as they sincerely wish it were not so.
  • Violent and Criminal — The voluminous violent crime and other crime statistics, especially among black juveniles and early adults compared to non-blacks, speak for themselves. Sadly, those who are aware of the crime statistics are going to regretfully agree, without any hint of racism, that blacks in 2016 America on the whole have a record of more violence and more criminality than non-blacks, as much as they sincerely wish it were not so.

Failing to agree with the Reuters/Ipsos poll’s statements does nothing to disprove whether one is a genuine “born that way” racist. What that failure all too often shows is an inability to recognize or admit the sad realities in America today — again, as much as one sincerely wishes that these conditions did not exist. One could also argue that Donald Trump’s overwhelmingly non-racist supporters are more willing to recognize those realities, unintimidated by misguided commentators and thought-police enforcers.

If the left continues to define “racism” as Reuters did and probably still does, the American people will continue to tune them out in increasing numbers. People who should “racism” based on the criteria used by Reuters are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing but their own ignorance and the obsession with stifling civil discourse.

AP Is Already Fretting Over St. Cloud Stabbing Spree ‘Backlash,’ Relegates Hero Who Stopped the Attack to Paragraphs Near End

As has so often been the case in the wake of terrorist attacks, the press is de-prioritizing what actually occurred during the St. Cloud, Minnesota mall stabbing spree in favor of a “watch out for the backlash” narrative.

This is what occurred at the Associated Press late Monday afternoon, where the headline at the dispatch by Kyle Potter and Amy Forliti reads: “SOMALI COMMUNITY BRACES FOR MINNESOTA MALL ATTACK BACKLASH.” It’s as if the awful “backlash” will definitely happen, even though in so many other analogous instances it hasn’t. Meanwhile, details about the attack and how it was thwarted before more innocents were harmed have been shunted down to far later text, including saving the name of the hero who shot and killed the perpetrator for two out of the final three of 23 paragraphs.


Juan Williams: Hillary Was Right About Trump’s ‘Deplorables’

It’s been ten days since Hillary Clinton made her “basket of deplorables” remark, claiming that “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters, i.e., essentially one-fourth of all Americans, is one or more of the following: “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic,” and a catch-all in case she missed anything, “You name it.”

Since then, the most revealing aspect of the fallout from those remarks, other than the fact the Mrs. Clinton couldn’t bring herself to simply say, “I was wrong, and I am sorry,” instead issuing an all too typical non-apology apology — is how many leftist commentators have come out and insisted that she was right in the first place, and that she therefore need not and should not apologize. Some pundits believe that she should have hit all Trump supporters with the “deplorables” tag. One of the more visible members of the “it really is half” club is columnist and Fox News contributor Juan Williams.

Williams’s Monday column at The Hill is an opportunity for readers who aren’t aware to learn the kinds of statements one might make to “earn” the “racist” tag in the media and on the left (but I repeat myself), and how misguided the name-calling really is.


Positivity: Maryland School Bus Driver Pulls 20 Children From Burning Vehicle

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From College Park, Maryland (HT Good News Network):

POSTED 7:37 AM, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016, UPDATED AT 08:46AM, SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

A College Park, Maryland, school bus driver was hailed for her heroic actions after the bus she was driving caught fire Monday.

The fire was reported at about 4:45 p.m Monday along the 9600 block of 51st Avenue in College Park, according to Mark Brady, the public information officer for Prince George’s County, MD Fire and EMS Department.

Twenty children from Glenarden Woods Elementary School were on the bus when the blaze started, apparently originating near one of the rear wheels, he said.

The driver, identified by a parent as Reneita Smith, safely got each and every student off and away from danger, KTLA sister station WTVR reported.

She “was able to remain calm throughout the ordeal” as the vehicle was evacuated, according to Brady.

“A big THANK YOU to our school bus driver Reneita Smith who just saved 20 elementary school kids from a bus fire that completely destroyed the bus,” Fazlul Kabir posted on Facebook. “Reneita [not only] took each one of the 20 kids from the bus one by one, but also went into the empty bus again to check if everyone was out, while it was still burning.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (091916)

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