September 27, 2016

One Set of State Polls Says Trump Is Winning the Electoral College

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This is within-margin-of-error stuff, so it’s not definitive, but it’s the first time I’m aware of that one polling organization effectively has Trump winning the Electoral College, and therefore the presidency.

Start with the 2012 Electoral College map:


Then consider the results posted today by UPI for the following six states:

Set 1: VA +4, FL +4, IA +2

Set 2: NC +3, OH +1, PA +1

Five of those six states are flips from blue to red (NC is not a flip), adding 86 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 2012 total of 206. Hillary Clinton isn’t flipping any red states to blue with UPI. So that gives Trump 292, a majority of the 538 available electoral votes. and AP Falsely Claim That Bill Clinton Has ‘Adamantly Denied’ Raping Juanita Broaddrick

In a narrow sense, the item discussed here really shouldn’t be newsworthy, because it’s based on history which is for all practical purposes long been settled. But now that it’s being treated as news, let’s look into the can of worms at least two media outlets have chosen to open, perhaps without fully grasping the consequences of their doing so.

Leada Gore, an reporter who says she’s “been covering Alabama news for more than 20 years,” reported Tuesday morning that Ed Henry, an Alabama lawmaker who is also the state’s Trump for President co-chair, tweeted a sharp response to accusations of sexism directed at Trump by Hillary Clinton in Monday night’s debate, specifically: “It is ironic that Lying Hillary blast (sic) Trump as a sexist when she is married to Bill, who is likely a rapist.” We’re supposed to believe that this tweet is controversial or over the top. It is, of course, no such thing.

Leada, you may not like it, and the topic may be unpleasant, but Henry’s tweet really isn’t controversial. Nevertheless, the Associated Press has posted an abbreviated story based on Gore’s work at its main national site. Both reports critically err in claiming that “Bill Clinton has adamantly denied” the related rape charge.


Trump Outreach Director Pushes Back at Chris Hayes’ ‘Birther’ Obsession

It’s quite funny in retrospect to remember how the press ridiculed the preoccupation of many people who questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility to become and then to be President over the “birther” issue from late 2008 until early 2011.

Now look at who’s obsessed. The press refuses to recognize that it has lost an issue it thought could use to bury the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. They won’t let it go, even though that train left the station on September 16. It would be hard to find a more obvious example of this obsession than was seen yesterday at MSNBC, when Chris Hayes refused to talk about anything else with Omarosa Manigault, the Trump campaign’s director of African-American outreach.


Even TMZ Calls It a ‘Low Blow’: Howard Dean Speculates That Trump Is a ‘Coke User’

It’s pretty hysterical how the left wants to set the rules for civil discourse over presidential candidates’ health and habits.

To them, it’s really bad to talk, and virtually evil to speculate, about Hillary Clinton’s demonstrations of frailty and other possible illnesses seen during the campaign, which are certainly not limited to her “medical situation” at the 9/11 anniversary ceremony two weeks ago. They think that responsible adults shouldn’t engage in that … with Democrats. But let Donald Trump show up at the first of the three presidential debates with some sniffling, and Howard Dean — former 12-year Governor of Vermont, 2004 Democratic Party presidential candidate, and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee — couldn’t resist speculating that the GOP nominee was “on coke.”


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (092716)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Mexicans flood the capital to defend marriage – with Pope Francis’ blessing

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From Mexico City:

Sep 26, 2016 / 02:15 pm

Some 400,000 people filled the streets of Mexico City on Saturday to protest the Mexican government’s attempt to redefine marriage as anything but a union between one man and one woman.

Juan Dabdoub Giacoman, president of the Mexican Council of the Family, which helped organize the event, told CNA on Sept. 10 that the march was “historic” and an “example of the awakening of Mexico.”

“It is a march to express to politicians and leaders of the country that this is really what Mexican society is searching for, which is not what gender ideology and the international LGBT movement is promoting.”

After Mass on Sept. 25, Pope Francis voiced his support of the Mexican bishops’ role in supporting the march, and their efforts for society “in favor of family and life, which at this time require special pastoral and cultural attention throughout the world.”

The size and reach of the protests came as a surprise, even for event organizers, Dabdoub told CNA.

“Mexico really isn’t characterized as being a country with great social participation,” he explained. “Civically, we have been very apathetic and this awakening to the national level was shocking and surprised us.”

“The family is the fundamental cell of society,” Dabdoub said. “But what the president proposed not only fails to protect it, but shatters it.”

“If we send our message and show that there are many people willing to go out and face what is happening now, we will have the opportunity for politicians to reverse the situation and begin to make the changes Mexicans need,” he asserted.

Sept. 24 marked the country’s second March for the Family. The march brought together more than 400,000 people to protest against efforts by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to push for same-sex marriage and to show the Mexican people’s support for marriage and the family.

Go here for the rest of the story.