October 9, 2016

Potty Mouth Update: Clinton Foreign Policy Spox Tweets ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ to Trump

Well now, one member of Team Clinton must be thinking that things didn’t go too well at Sunday’s second presidential debate, and has vented with F-word profanity.

I wonder if the press will be seeking him out for expert comment on how it went? (I doubt it.) Or will Twitter, which has been accused of shadowbanning certain Donald Trump tweets, suspend his account? (Again, I doubt it.) Or will anyone ask Hillary Clinton if the offender should be fired? (You’re kidding, right?)

Jesse Lehrich, who describes himself on Twitter as “Foreign Policy Spokesperson for @HillaryClinton,” issued the following profane tweet to Donald Trump after the Republican nominee claimed quite reasonably that Captain Humayun Khan, the soldier whose 2004 death became a press cause celebre after his father bitterly criticized Trump at the Democratic National Convention, would be alive today if the U.S. had not gone to war in Iraq: “regarding your claim that Captain Khan would be alive if you were president: go f*ck yourself.”


As Two More Cops Are Slain, National Press Fails to Spot an Alarming Trend

While the press almost single-mindedly forced the nation’s attention this weekend on things Donald Trump said many years ago, real life in the streets and neighborhoods of America intervened in a very ugly way Saturday afternoon in Palm Springs, California.

Three police officers were shot by a gang member. Two of them have died. The third suffered nonlife-threatening injuries and was expected to leave the hospital Sunday. Once again, the horrifying motivation seen in Dallas and Baton Rouge just three months ago, the desire “to shoot police,” emerged. With the exception of one local newspaper, the press is failing to report the serious consequences of these hardened attitudes, namely that cop killings are way up this year.


Rogue Reporters: List of Those Among Hillary Clinton’s Faves

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From the Intercept: The RSVPs are presumptively in the tank for Hillary Clinton. The Declined may not be, and the Unknowns are, well, unknown:


That Donald Trump Is Such an Awful Guy

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That Donald Trump is such an awful guy. How can anyone support him?

Let’s face it. Enough is enough!

First of all, he has racist supporters.

His mentor was a former KKK grand-wizard. When he passed, Trump honored him with a filmed tribute.

Another one of his mentors was a famous eugenicist who sought to rid the world of any nationality that isn’t white.He even received an award in that mentor’s honor, proclaiming that he admired their “vision.”

His multiple ties to the witch hunt to dispel President Obama’s American heritage.Multiple ties.

The fact that he appropriated the spending of $20,000 for access to a white-only golf course.

When speaking to a crowd of black people, he started mocking their accents.

He told a Black Lives Matter supporter that he would “talk only to white people.”

Donald Trump has likened people of urban culture to dogs.

He calls women that have upset his personal relationships “trailer trash.”

Up until three years ago, he was anti-gay and strongly opposed gay marriage.

Extending upon being anti-gay, he has also accepted campaign contributions from donors that strongly oppose the LGBT community.

His closest aide strongly opposed female equality up until recently.

In 2010, Haiti had an earthquake. Donald Trump went down there and promptly steered all of the reconstruction bids to his businesses friends. Those friends then under-delivered, pocketed the difference, and left Haiti further in debt.

During the recent primary race, it was revealed that sources behind Donald Trump conspired to improperly ensure his party nomination.

Donald Trump is willing to wage a war against Russia based on speculation.

He has laughed about the war killings of foreign dignitaries.

Trump joked about using government resources to murder someone who doesn’t favor him.

During a speech to businessmen and businesswomen, Trump proclaimed, “I’m kind of far removed from the struggles of the middle class.”

Multiple women claim that he’s tried to silence them when they were assaulted, raped, and abused.

He also helped the rapist of a 12 year old girl get out of jail on reduced sentencing, later laughing about it during a recorded interview.

He ignores the fact that people extremely close to him have made frequent visits to a place known as ‘Orgy Island,’ owned by a convicted pedophile.

Donald Trump categorically lied to the FBI.

Donald Trump compromised national security by revealing government secrets to his Wall St. friends, who paid him for them.

He also instigated the suicide of one of his closest aides.

People have died because of Donald Trump’s professional incompetence. 

Just kidding. This was all Hillary Clinton.


Words vs. Actions, Boorishness vs. Crimes

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Gosh, deeply offensive and sickening locker-room talk vs. a three-decade record of enabling active sexual harassment (a crime), sexual abuse (a serious crime), and sexual assault and rape (very serious crimes), along with consistently failing to report any of the above to the proper authorities (also crimes). Can anyone sane claim that the former is worse?

That’s even before we get to Hillary Clinton’s crimes as a professional politician, public figure, and alleged public servant.

Hillary Clinton is objectively a criminal, who, because of her connections and pervasive Obama administration corruption all the way up the President himself, has not been charged with crimes she indisputably committed. Just as no one would fail to call a bank robber who hasn’t been captured a criminal, no one should pretend that Hillary Clinton is not a criminal because she did not get the indictments she has long deserved.

I can respect the opinions people who say they can’t vote for either major-party candidate. I can’t respect the opinions of genuinely informed people who claim to care about this country’s future who believe that electing a known serial criminal to the highest office in the land can possibly be a wise choice.


UPDATE: “Trump talks smack with men. Hillary Clinton abuses people.”

CBS Issues Hollow Denial About Its 2015 Failure to Ask Kerry About Hillary’s Emails, Private Server

As Mike Ciandella at NewsBusters noted Thursday morning, newly obtained documents indicate that the White House and Secretary of State John Kerry’s underlings worked aggressively to “crush” any chance that he might be questioned about Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email account for public business or her stationing of a private server registered under a pseudonym at her Chappaqua, New York home on the March 15 edition of Face the Nation — and he wasn’t.

Fox News, apparently alone among the major broadcast and cable networks, aired a segment on the matter on Friday. It included a weak response from CBS. Additionally, a review of the transcript from the related Face the Nation broadcast shows that Mrs. Clinton’s email and private server were discussed — just not with Kerry.


AP’s Josh Boak Incompetently ‘Fact Checks’ True Pence Claim About National Debt

Many writers on the left contend and beat journalists in the establishment press that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence tell lies so often that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of them.

If that’s so, why, with all those “obvious” falsehoods out there, did two Los Angeles Times reporters have to label an absolutely true statement by Pence about Hillary Clinton’s Syrian refugee position “misleading” and then fail, as seen in a Friday NewsBusters post, to even try to explain why it was? And why did the Associated Press’s Josh Boak, as will be shown after the jump, pretend on Tuesday that Pence’s absolutely true claim about the growth of the national debt under President Obama wasn’t true?


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (100916)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Jaxson the Pug Honored by Idaho Town With ‘Hometown Hero Award’ for Saving Family From Fire

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From Meridian, Idaho (video at link):

Oct 5, 2016, 2:25 PM ET

An 11-year-old pug named Jaxson is being honored by an entire city in Idaho.

The dog has been credited with saving his family from an electrical fire in their home that potentially could have been fatal, according to the city of Meridian.

The mayor of Meridian, Tammy de Weerd, presented the pooch with the city’s “Hometown Hero Award” on Tuesday evening.

Jaxson is the first pet to have ever received the award, which honors a person (or in this case, an animal) for their “outstanding bravery” and “heroic values of courage, compassion, character, initiative and responsibility,” the city said in a news release.

The pug “stopped a house fire from escalating and likely saved the lives in the home” earlier this year on Aug. 29, according to the news release. …

Go here for the rest of the story.