October 9, 2016

Words vs. Actions, Boorishness vs. Crimes

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Gosh, deeply offensive and sickening locker-room talk vs. a three-decade record of enabling active sexual harassment (a crime), sexual abuse (a serious crime), and sexual assault and rape (very serious crimes), along with consistently failing to report any of the above to the proper authorities (also crimes). Can anyone sane claim that the former is worse?

That’s even before we get to Hillary Clinton’s crimes as a professional politician, public figure, and alleged public servant.

Hillary Clinton is objectively a criminal, who, because of her connections and pervasive Obama administration corruption all the way up the President himself, has not been charged with crimes she indisputably committed. Just as no one would fail to call a bank robber who hasn’t been captured a criminal, no one should pretend that Hillary Clinton is not a criminal because she did not get the indictments she has long deserved.

I can respect the opinions people who say they can’t vote for either major-party candidate. I can’t respect the opinions of genuinely informed people who claim to care about this country’s future who believe that electing a known serial criminal to the highest office in the land can possibly be a wise choice.


UPDATE: “Trump talks smack with men. Hillary Clinton abuses people.”


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