October 17, 2016

Howler From CNN’s Cuomo: It’s ‘Illegal’ For Anyone But the Press to ‘Possess’ WikiLeaks Documents

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who laughably insisted a month ago that Hillary Clinton “did not do anything illegal” in connection with her use of a private server for State Department emailing and other business, is at it again. To be clear, she did lots of things that are illegal, but a corrupt FBI and Department of Justice decided not to prosecute her.

This time CNN’s New Day co-host rendered his decidedly nonexpert legal assessment of who can and can’t “possess” purloined documents made public by WikiLeaks: “… remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media. So everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.” What arrogant nonsense.


Hmm …

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WaPo/ABC is exactly where it was three months ago (Clinton 47-43, Clinton +4).

Rasmussen, which had Clinton up 7 before the debate, now has her up by 2.

Meanwhile, that stubborn LA Times/USC poll still has Trump ahead by 1 (with virtually no black support, which is one of the key unpredictable wildcards in this election).

And it’s over because a bunch of polls which so obviously overweight Democrats and 2012 Obama voters show Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead? With the Wikileaks news leaking (excuse the pun) into visibility because the press is trying to block its exposure, but can’t?

It is to laugh.

Positivity: Cop Who Saved Baby’s Life Becomes Her Godfather

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Watch (HT Daryn Kagan):

From Kenneth Knox’s Facebook page:

I am so overwhelmed at the public outpouring and support. Ma’Yavi Parham is now my God daughter which blesses me as a person and a man. i am the one who was blessed with her being brought into my life. she is a beautiful child and to know I will see her grow into a beautiful woman who can be what ever she wants. the likes, the shares , and the comments have humbled me beyond words. I have been contacted by people from many many different countries who have been so loving and caring to a point that I now this is how God created us to be….. thank you from the bottom of my heart to EVERY person who has shared and posted comments and messaged me. I will always keep each of you informed of her life. and to meona and jonterrious, you are wonderful parents and I say thank you with all of my heart for allowing me to forever be a part of her blessed life…. she has my heart and love and I will always watch over her..

Monday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (101716)

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