October 18, 2016

O’Keefe on Rigging the Election: Parts I and II

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UPDATE: The two key figures in the first two videos have been fired (Scott Foval) and resigned (Robert Creamer). Creamer, who is the husband of Chicago-area Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, has visited the White House 345 times since President Obama took office. 45 of those visits were to “POTUS” himself. Imagine that.

(Note: This post was assembled live between 10 p.m. and midight on October 18.)

In Part I of what has been promised as multiple parts up to Election Day, Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe shows that the Democratic Party, up to and including the Democratic National Committee, has been an integral part of attempts to create disruptions outside of Donald Trump campaign rallies this year and provoke violence (WARNING: These videos and the photo grabs in this post contain very graphic and profane language):

Key quote:

O’KEEFE: This investigation has revealed compelling evidence of a dark-money conspiracy, a violation of federal campaign coordination laws between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Priorities USA, Hillary’s Super PAC, and the Democratic National Committee.

Other pull quotes show operatives:

  • admitting to DNC involvement while creating a wall of “plausible deniability.”
  • admitting/bragging that the DNC funded the protest effort which was ultimately responsible for shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally in March (later footage claims involvement with a highway blockage at a Trump rally in Arizona).
  • acknowledging that proactive efforts to get the press to cover their protests are aggressive.





Part I also:

  • Show these operatives claiming credit for a tightly orchestrated disruption of a Scott Walker rally in Iowa (“that was all us”; “we planted multiple people … to make sure … that there was action that happened up front … and a reaction that happened out back”).
  • Shows them admit to setting up a 69 year-old female activist with COPD to be a “birddog” at Trump rallies who gets there early enough to ask a question designed to incite violent reaction in reporters’ view.
  • Shows that the Clinton campaign, all the way up to its top management, is aware of and has encouraged “birddogging.”

Finally, there’s this quote, which I suspect will improve Trump’s electoral chances in Iowa and Wisconsin:


In Part II, “Democratic operatives tell us how to commit voter fraud on a massive scale”:

At the 0:55 mark of Part II, in an obviously late-breaking insert, O’Keefe reports that his work is being suppressed by frightened media outlets:

Part I blew up on social media, with many Americans wondering why the mainstream media wasn’t covering the story.

In fact, Project Veritas Action had television exclusives lined up around the country. Those television stations spiked the story at the last minute. Our sources tell us the reason they did so was fear of retaliation and retribution from a future Hillary Clinton administration. Truth is dangerous, especially when it challenges those in power.

Key quotes:


(He adds that they’re going to find a “different way” besides busses to engage in multiple-vote fraud by having voters doing this drive a “personal vehicle,” which is obviously far less suspect. There’s apparently enough spending money available to fund what would appear to be a relatively expensive effort.)


This may explain the recent seemingly counterintuitive news that there’s a massive voter fraud effort in deep-red Texas.

Here’s an identification of targeted midwestern states, delivered with the apparently obligatory insult:


This would appear to indicate that the State of Indiana is not out of line in investigating potentially fraudulent voter registrations in 56 of its counties.

Veritas’s videographers, posing as a donor and businessperson with employees in multiple states, presented a vote fraud scheme involving getting illegal immigrants to vote in multiple states. Democratic operatives are on tape agreeing that the idea is something they will seriously consider implementing in during the off-year elections in 2018.

Stupid Fact Check: Politifact Claims NRA Is ‘Mostly False’ Directly Quoting Hillary on Gun Confiscation

The latest installment of Stupid Fact Checks involves Politifact, the heavyweight champion of dishonest “fact checkers.” The web site’s clear mission is to make false leftist claims look credible while discrediting valid statements made by those on the center-right.

Early Monday morning, the web site criticized a flyer issued by the National Rifle Association which quoted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. A year ago, Mrs. Clinton, responding to an audience member’s question, said that what Australia did in the mid-1990s to take guns away from many of its citizens “would be worth considering doing … on a national level, if that can be arranged” here in the U.S. Politifact Virginia’s Warren Fiske asserted that the NRA was “mostly false” in claiming that that she said “gun confiscation would be worth considering.” In other words, the NRA was “mostly false” in quoting Mrs. Clinton’s own words.


September Industrial Production: Weak Again; Three Prior Months Revised Down

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From the Federal Reserve (paragraph breaks and bolds added by me):

Industrial production edged up 0.1 percent in September after falling 0.5 percent in August. For the third quarter as a whole, industrial production rose at an annual rate of 1.8 percent for its first quarterly increase since the third quarter of 2015.

Manufacturing output increased 0.2 percent in September and moved up at an annual rate of 0.9 percent in the third quarter. In September, the index for utilities declined 1.0 percent; mining posted a gain of 0.4 percent, which partially reversed its August decline.

At 104.2 percent of its 2012 average, total industrial production in September was 1.0 percent lower than its year-earlier level. Capacity utilization for the industrial sector edged up 0.1 percentage point in September to 75.4 percent, a rate that is 4.6 percentage points below its long-run (1972–2015) average.

Given that the sum of July, August and September is +0.1 points, I’m not sure how the Fed can say that the quarterly increase in production was 1.8 percent. From September of 2015 to September 2016, industrial production has declined by 1.0 percent.

Predictions for September were for a 0.2 percent increase and 75.7 percent utilization (average of two figures at the link).

Additionally, three previous months were written down by 0.1 percent (April, July and August), wiping out September’s increase; last month’s capacity utilization was written down to 75.3 percent from 75.5 percent; and the quarter’s increase in manufacturing was only 1.0 percent.

The year-over-year change in manufacturing is zero, which totally explains why the Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Index has been positive during most of that time (that’s sarcasm, folks).

This report certainly won’t move GDP estimates upward.

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (101816)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Positivity: Dad shares emotions of preemie son’s first months

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From Columbus, Ohio:

This video showcases the story of baby Ward, who was born 3 and a half months early putting him in the extremely pre-term category.

Benjamin and Lyndsey had to go through an emotional roller coaster the first few months after Ward’s birth. The tiny baby was hooked to so many tubes and machines, it was heart wrenching for the new parents.

Thankfully, Ward made amazing progress and is now a very healthy baby!

Here’s the video from Benjamin Scott Miller’s YouTube channel:

A related story is at CNN.com. The article title is the same as that of this post.