October 21, 2016

Was Andrea Mitchell Fed a Question to Ask Hillary at Post-Debate Q&A?

Did NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell ask Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a softball question fed to her by a leading Clinton campaign official Wednesday evening? It sure looks that way.

The concern is utterly reasonable because of Mitchell’s track record of running interference for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and liberal politicians and causes in general.


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (102116)

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Positivity: This Baseball Player Did What?

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From Fox Sports, on something the Chicago Cubs baseball player Anthony Rizzo did during Game 5 of the National League Championship Series:

There’s more, however, to what makes Rizzo so important. The man is the fulcrum of the team, the organizer of team parties and dinners, a well-mannered gentleman and a cancer survivor who knows all about proper perspective when it comes to the stock market ride that is postseason baseball. The national television audience gained a window into Rizzo’s emotional ballast to the team when microphones captured a sweet chat between Rizzo and home plate umpire Angel Hernandez during Game 4.

Rizzo apologized to Hernandez for assuming a ball four call on his at-bat against Baez—he dropped his bat and began jogging to first—only to have Hernandez call it a strike. “No worries,” Hernandez said to him, and then complimented Rizzo on his deportment. In the heat of battle, the sportsmanship sold baseball better than any slick advertisement.

Readers can go to a video which picked up the conversation here.

Here’s more from Rizzo at that link, from a postgame interview:

Q. The TV cameras picked up what people on social media are calling a cool moment of sportsmanship between you and Angel Hernandez. Can you just talk about that?

RIZZO: Yeah, well, the umpires, all of the umpires they’re out here at the highest level doing their best, and we’re competing at our best and they’re competing. So on a pitch that I disagreed with and to think it was a ball and then him call a strike, I don’t like showing up the umpires. They’re out here working their tails off 162 like we are. There is no home for them. They’re on the road the entire season. So just to let him know that, hey, my fault there. I probably should have waited a little longer to not just assume it was a ball. That’s just the way I am. They’re working as hard as we’re working, and it’s just different perspectives.

How utterly refreshing.