October 26, 2016

Project Veritas, Rigging the Election Part IV

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Key pull quote (no substitute for watching the whole thing):

ROBERT CREAMER: He (Barack Obama) is a pro. I’ve known the President since he was a community organizer in Chicago.

So much for him being some kind of casual acquaintance who just showed up at the White House over 340 times in the past 8 years, 47 of them to meet with Obama himself.

Beyond that, the video solidifies the evidence establishing illegal communications and connections between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Super PACS supporting her election, and the dark-money people disrupting Trump events.

Matthews, Who Should Know Better, Lets Biden Claim He’s Never Criticized the Tea Party

Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball on Tuesday, and claimed that “You never heard me criticize the tea party.” Millions of people with decent memories and the ability to hear know that this is not true. Those with longer memories know that Biden’s strident criticisms of the Tea Party movement, its members and its political candidates and officeholders go back over six years.

Center-right outlets are having a field day with Biden’s bogus claim, as they should be. Meanwhile, the establishment press is predictably virtually ignoring what Biden said. One person who has mostly escaped criticism thus far is Chris Matthews, Hardball’s host. Matthews didn’t challenge Biden’s obviously untrue statement, even though he discussed the Vice President’s fiery rhetoric five years ago when he made a speech at a union picnic in Cincinnati. At the time and in the context of other events that day, Matthews and his guest clearly believed that Biden was targeting the Tea Party.


Positivity: A message from Rome on the power of liturgical music

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From Vatican City:

Oct 24, 2016 / 03:17 pm

Liturgical music has the ability to communicate the love of God – and it’s this message that gives it the power to help bring others to Christ, said the choir director of the Diocese of Rome.

“I believe music is a powerful tool to evangelize because evangelization is to impart in the heart of man the joy of Christ, the love of Christ,” Msgr. Marco Frisina told CNA Oct. 21.

Music is like planting “this seed of joy in the heart, it is a great power.”

Msgr. Frisina, also a renowned composer, in 1984 founded the Choir of the Diocese of Rome for singing at the most important diocesan liturgies, many of which are presided over by the pope. It now comprises over 250 members.

One of the speakers at a Jubilee of Choirs which took place at the Vatican Oct. 21-23, among those who participated were laity, priests, directors of liturgical offices, choir conductors, musicians, organists and diocesan and parish choirs.

Held in liturgical memory of Saint John Paul II, the goal of the event, according to the Jubilee of Choirs website, was “to focus on music as a tool of extraordinary communication and how to live the Liturgy as the highest moment of the expression of our faith and Christian culture.”

On Saturday, all of the participating choirs joined with the Choir of the Diocese of Rome to perform a concert in the Paul VI Hall dedicated to St. John Paul II and Divine Mercy.

Friday the schedule included a training on the topic “Sing Mercy.” Speakers included Msgr. Frisina, Msgr. Vincenzo De Gregorio, president of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music and Msgr. Massimo Palombella, Director of the Choir of the Sistine Chapel.

Msgr. Palombella agreed that music can be a tool for evangelization, particularly by providing an element of unity between the different Christian religions. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (102616)

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