November 21, 2016

Exposing the Left’s ‘Fake News’ Agenda

The agenda behind the left’s “fake news” hysteria is to marginalize and silence center-right outlets.

Need proof? Watch:

See? “Fake news” may have made Donald Trump our next President, so we’ve got to do something about it. Even Barack Obama says so.

Two NewsBusters posts, both from after the election, are pictured in the segment. One Zero Hedge post also appears, and is also from after the election. CNN obviously wants viewers to believe that NewsBusters and Zero Hedge are examples of “fake news” sites.

Readers here know I write primarily for NewsBusters these days, and squeeze in other commentary when I can, which is not often enough.

NewsBusters’ mission is to critique the left-slanted media and document when they mislead, fail to report important news, or … present fiction as truth, or truth as fiction — in other words, when they produce “fake news.” The two NewsBusters posts in the video segment contain no untruth, but CNN wants viewers to believe that a site whose mission is to critique their work and the work of others in the establishment press really produces “fake news.”

Segment reporter Brian Stelter’s hostility towards NewsBusters and its Media Research Center parent is well-known, so it’s hard to believe that the appearance of an NB post as Stelter says “BS detection tools” is a mere coincidence.

Zero Hedge is primarily an economic and contrarian blog which of necessity also ventures into politics. Against all odds, given how late it was started, ZH has become the leader in its category, among other things exposing the falsehoods, i.e., “fake news,” promoted by media apologists for the Keynesian conventional wisdom. The ZH post presented above, which CNN wants viewers to believe is an example of “fake news,” is entirely based on a very important report about the ignorance and apathy of far-left Portland, Oregon rioters prepared by a local TV affiliate of Gannett. CNN is effectively saying that a Gannett affiliate produced “fake news.”

One cannot understate how dangerous this development is to our basic freedoms, especially in an era when the establishment press is so fundamentally dishonest, has allowed itself to become a de facto arm of the Democratic Party, refuses to change its ways, and wants to marginalize and demonize anyone who questions their work.

Additionally, it can’t be denied that as of this moment, two social media web sites have perceived de facto monopolies. Obviously, that can change, and one of them may be in financial trouble, but it’s become clear that they’re aligning themselves with the establishment press, and don’t mind serving as the nation’s de facto news gatekeepers, i.e., censors of center-right content.

As I’ve written before, there may never be a better time for someone with very deep pockets on the center-right to do something about this and shake up the media world. Beyond that, based on the hysteria and the need to blame someone other than those who lost for Donald Trump’s win and to “do something” about it, that there may never be another chance for someone in the center-right who wants to do something about this.



  1. Projection, a tactic straight out of the liberal playbook. CNN is projecting its journalistic misconduct onto to it’s opponents. If anyone is doing fake news, it’s CNN. NB should consider this a moniker of achievement that CNN considers their work so damaging to the narrative that they merit this attention.

    There is a saying among Christians from the 1980s, “IF you were to be tried in a court of law for being a Christian, would you be convicted?”

    Just yesterday, I saw the CNN biased narratives against Trump, it was appalling. I thought I was watching a DNC TV broadcast. They are going for broke at this point.

    Comment by dscott — November 21, 2016 @ 3:09 pm

  2. I read headlines on the mainstream media, then read the story and find the details say exactly the OPPOSITE of what the headline claimed.

    Whereas every time I read your posts, I find the details and support for the ‘headline’ within. Evidence and support that I can use elsewhere to combat ‘fake news’.

    Any TRUTH organization would lose the Left as a consumer…they just live in a different reality…

    Comment by Tracy Coyle — November 21, 2016 @ 3:46 pm

  3. #2, I hope this New Year will find your spirits up and life trending up.


    I believe Trump is pursuing a deliberate strategy of baiting the MSM to stay unhinged. The credibility of the MSM in the eyes of the public is at an all time low and it won’t take much to keep the MSM frothing at the mouth for the next 4 years.

    Think about it, you already know the MSM will in any way attempt to undermine the first 100 days of ripping up Obama’s legacy. They repeatedly have jumped the shark on their coverage which killed their credibility. Now all Trump needs to do is poke them periodically to screaming fits and the public will continue to disbelieve anything they say. In fact, each time the negatively report, they confirm to the public that they are biased. Only Trump could do this, the rest of the GOP is cowardly, they simply don’t have the brass to pull that off.

    I am so looking forward to the next 4 years of liberal/socialist bashing…

    Comment by dscott — November 22, 2016 @ 7:17 am

  4. #3, dscott, I’m okay with bash the media theater as long as stuff gets done.

    Comment by Tom — November 22, 2016 @ 9:35 am

  5. [...] the current freedom-suppressing obsession over “fake news.” As I wrote yesterday at my home blog, its purpose is really “is to marginalize and silence center-right [...]

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