January 20, 2017

Columbia Journalism Review Editor’s ‘Open Letter’ to Trump: Immature, Arrogant, Naive

On Tuesday, Kyle Pope, Editor in Chief and Publisher of the Columbia Journalism Review, posted “An open letter to Trump from the US press corps.”

Pope informed Mr. Trump, as if the man who is now this nation’s 45th President didn’t know already, that “while you have every right to decide your ground rules for engaging with the press, we have some, too.” Pope, apparently unaware that his precious ground rules are in many cases unenforceable in the Internet era, then proceeded to betray an insufferable arrogance which, if he really does represent the mindset of the US press corps as he claims, appears guaranteed to seriously damage the journalism establishment’s standing even further during Trump’s presidency.


Today’s Inauguration

I have an unfortunate and somewhat unique perspective on events today, as I had to miss them due to involvement with final services in very trying and tragic circumstances.

So I had no contact with any news from about four hours before Donald Trump’s inauguration until about 2:30 in the afternoon.

So what led NBC News’s bottom-of-hour radio news on 55 KRC in Cincinnati at 2:30?

“Protests” and arrests, with no mention of the violence and destruction, which I knew was certainly taking place (of course it was), but which I suppose a typical listener might not.

Only then did I hear about Trump’s inauguration, delivered in a tone which struck me as somewhere between perfunctory and funereal.

(55 KRC appears to have made a really stupid switch for their twice-hourly radio newscasts after 10 years with Fox News when the calendar turned. Yes, I have vehemently objected, as should others in Greater Cincinnati.)

Of course there will be times when our duties in life will cause us to stop paying attention, making our voices heard, and verbally and rhetorically striking back at the establishment’s propaganda machine for a while.

But we can’t afford to stay away from genuine news — that obviously does not include NBC’s radio-break broadcasts, and it obviously doesn’t include “the US press corps,” which is basically anyone who subscribes to how the insufferably self-important Kyle Pope at the Columbia Journalism Review sees things — for very long during this pivotal time in U.S. and world news.

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (012017)

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Positivity: Don’t give in to complacency, Nigerian archbishop warns

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From Shendam, Nigeria:

Jan 19, 2017 / 12:04 am

A prominent Nigerian archbishop last week advised his fellow clergy against a sense of complacency and security which ends up damaging the Church.

“I have observed among us priests and religious is a lack of proper sense of mission, a lack of serious missionary commitment and a lack of missionary creativity,” Archbishop Mathew Man’Oso Ndagoso of Kaduna said in his Jan. 11 homily for the episcopal consecration of Philip Davou Dung as Bishop of Shendam.

Archbishop Ndagoso said he has seen a lack of pastoral planning and implementation, which proceeds from a nonchalant and lethargic attitude, calling it “the deadly virus of complacency”.

He lamented a pastoral mindset which relies on pews being filled because of an established Catholic identity.

“We like to bask in the euphoria of our being the first and well established Roman Catholic Church founded on Peter the Rock with no sense of urgency to proclaim the gospel,” said Archbishop Ndagoso, adding that parishioners are being devoured by wolves “without any serious concern except that of assuring and reassuring ourselves that when some leave, others will come in on their own.”

Archbishop Ndagoso emphasized that the time for waiting on people to fill the pews is an outdated practice, and now is the time in which the gospel must be lived outwardly: “Ours is the era of the shepherd leaving the 99 sheep and going out in search of the lost one.” …

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