January 22, 2017

Hmm: Best Buy, and ‘Pizzagate’

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So it seems that the FBI has paid (or “rewarded” after the fact) informants in Best Buy stores as well as other Geek Squad employees at its central repair centers who appear to have the ability and incentive to engage in fishing expeditions for child porn when customers bring in their computers for any kind of needed repair or upgrade, even if the repairs or upgrades would ordinarily not require looking at files or libraries.

Though the intent is noble, the legality of many such searches would appear to be very questionable, especially as it appears that at least some of them are being done even when there is no hint of a customer-committed illegal act.

Meanwhile, we learn that the supposedly thoroughly debunked case of “Pizzagate” has never been genuinely debunked.

That’s because, according to reporter Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta (HT Zero Hedge), there has never been any law-enforcement investigation, despite the existence of what any reasonable person would consider potentially meaningful clues, that there may be something seriously wrong going on:

Swann’s wrap:

Keep in mind, again, that there is no proof here that there is a child sex ring being operated out of the DC pizza parlor.

Investigators have already proven there’s nothing to the story, right?

Well, actually no. And that’s what you need to know.

For all that is here, there has not been one single public investigation of any of this. Not from local police, not from the FBI, no one.

And that has to be the big question, not for Podesta or for pizza parlor owners, but for law enforcement.

Based on what may be or may not be here, the big question is, why hasn’t any investigation taken place?

The serious weakness in Swann’s report, at least as presented, is that law enforcement doesn’t exactly announce these kinds of investigations with trumpets blaring. These investigations must be done quietly, because their targets will obviously cover their tracks if they know the cops are sniffing around. And I’m not sure that anyone, especially in the FBI, ever acknowledges the existence of an investigation if asked — until arrests are made.

But let’s say that Swann has managed to talk to insiders about this and has actually determined that there really has been no investigation of any kind. Given his background and experience, it’s hard to believe that he’d have aired this report without a great deal of confidence that law enforcement really has done nothing.

If that is indeed the case, we have FBI and law enforcement which, on the one hand, are willing to engage in fishing expeditions on the computers of unsuspecting owners with dubious legal justification. On the other hand, law enforcement is ignoring a pretty large volume of serious circumstantial clues in “Pizzagate” which are, or at least were, out in the open.

That makes Swann’s “big question” even bigger.


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