January 25, 2017

The Trump Inauguration Crowd Size (See Update: Filled to the Brim)

The photo which follows is reportedly one released later by CNN showing areas which had no people in them in earlier photos released by the press chock full of ‘em:


More discussion is here and here.


UPDATE, 12:15 p.m.: With some maneuvering, a visit to CNN’s Gigapixel link shows a packed house from the stage (at the bottom of the photo below) to the building in front of the Washington Monument, which therefore appears to cover with people the areas the press has continued to show as having been empty (click on photo to open in a new larger window or tab, and enlarge it once there):



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  1. [...] You would think that the establishment press and the rest of the opposition to Donald Trump’s administration might be able to capitalize substantively (shrieking fundraising letters don’t count as “substance”) on Kellyanne Conway’s shaky reference to “alternative facts” about a week ago. (She should have said, “I have different, more defensible estimates than you do,” because she did.) [...]

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