February 5, 2017

Largely Under the Radar, Google Has Revised Its Definiton of ‘Fascism’

A recent item at The Onion, the online humor site which is now rarely genuinely funny, claimed that “Fearful Americans (Are) Stockpiling Facts Before (the) Federal Government Comes To Take Them Away.” Naturally, it was occurring because Americans are “alarmed at the prospect of unconstitutional overreach by the Trump administration.” Ha-ha-ha — as if “constitutional overreach” didn’t occur at a record pace during Barack Obama’s eight years in office (yes, it did).

It would appear that those of us who are alarmed at the genuine power-grabbing overreach seen at the titans of tech and at social media companies really need to start stockpiling dictionary entries relating to important words so we can store and retain their real meanings. One alarming example of this need has been delivered by Google’s search engine.


Newsweek, Senior Writer Celebrate ‘Ferocious’ Shutdown of Milo’s Berkeley Speech

In a Thursday morning tweet, Newsweek communicated its delight over the previous evening’s cancellation of Milo Yiannopoulos’s scheduled speech at the University of California in Berkeley — and of the violence committed by some of those who forced the cancellation.

Though the magazine might argue otherwise, by including an accompanying photo of the violence that occurred in a tweet from its official account, and by referring to the results achieved by “ferocious protests,” Newsweek, which also claimed that Yiannopoulos had been “schooled,” clearly came off as celebrating not only the suppression of free speech, but also the violence and property destruction which occurred.


Positivity: The story of Rowen and Blake — Twins who cuddled to stay alive

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From London, England:

Feb 3, 2017 / 03:02 am

When newlyweds Charlie and Hayley Lampshire from Oxfordshire, England found out they were pregnant with twins in 2015, they couldn’t have been happier.

But at their 12-week ultrasound, the couple found out some frightening news: Hayley was carrying Monoamniotic-Monochorionic twins, which meant that the babies shared one amniotic sac – putting them at high-risk for becoming strangled by their own umbilical cords.

“Charlie and I were terrified at first, but we want to share our story to reassure other that there is hope, something that we struggled to find when doing our own research,” said Hayley, according to the Metro.co.UK.

“My husband, Charlie, and I were heartbroken when we found out our babies were in danger,” she said.

As the babies grew and became more active in the womb, they became more at risk for becoming tangled in each other’s cords. They couple was told that selective abortion would be an option, but they continued the pregnancy with both babies.

The doctors told Hayley and Charlie that the only way the babies would survive is if they didn’t move throughout the pregnancy.

“They needed to keep still in order to keep one another alive,” Hayley recalled.

As Hayley continued to visit the doctor for her ultrasounds, they were astonished to discover a miracle: the babies were cuddling and holding hands as they grew – remaining still and untangled with each growth scan.

Because of their high-risk, the babies were scheduled to be delivered at 34-weeks by caesarian section, as the doctors didn’t want the babies to get any bigger.

On August 25, the twin boys Rowen and Blake were each delivered within 36 seconds of each other, weighing just over 4 pounds each.

“They had fluid in their lungs and were struggling to breathe on their own,” Hayley said, adding that the twins stayed in the hospital for three weeks before bringing them home.

Now, Hayley and Charlie are happy to report that their sons are now thriving and “growing so fast.” The couple expressed how grateful they were for the lives of their twins, and can’t wait to tell their sons about their miraculous story when they get older. …

Go here for the rest of the story.

Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (020517)

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