February 10, 2017

Google Gives Prominence to Obscure Site’s Claim That DAPL Protesters Are Being Framed With Newly-Dumped Trash



This post was going to be about the establishment press’s handling of the story of the mountainous and environmentally dangerous accumulation of trash left behind by Dakota Access Pipeline protesters. When the spring thaw arrives, that waste threatens to seriously pollute the Cannonball River — yes, the very river protesters are claiming they wish to protect from pipeline spills.

What’s remarkable here, though, is what was found in an initial Google search on the topic. With all the coverage out there, Google has given pictorial prominence to item from an obscure, out-of-nowhere site which is a clear candidate for the “fake news” tag. That site’s story bizarrely claims that even more trash is currently being brought into and dumped at the site — “to frame protesters.”


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (021017)

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Positivity: Humorous Judge Dismisses “Ridiculous” Ticket When Woman Parks 2 Seconds Early

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Really, a ticket for parking 2 seconds before you’re allowed to?

The judge let the serious offender off the hook (HT Good News Network):