March 22, 2017

A Reason to Definitely Oppose RyanCare in Its Current Form

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The message which follows was forwarded by a longtime emailer Tuesday evening.

It appears that the attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare is on track to eliminate the competition known as “health share ministries.” Excuse the pun, but these have been a godsend to many people who need insurance but have faced Obamacare premiums which would bankrupt them in short order.

More info on healthshare ministries is here for those who wish to learn more. Also, for those who wish to look into this option to break away from government health care, here are the principal healthshare outlets:

Christian Healthcare Ministries,
Liberty HealthShare,
Samaritan Ministries,

Rest assured that if the arrangements go by the wayside or get seriously compromised by the control freaks in Washington, many good people will suffer.

The letter which follows is written from the perspective of a member, but I trust that readers here can revise the language to provide a non-member’s perspective on the importance of retaining this vital healthcare option (Education HT to longtime commenter dscott; bolds are mine):

This Thursday, the House of Representatives will vote on the American Health Care Act. We need your help. We are asking you to take a few minutes to call your Congressional Representative and urge him or her to advocate for language that supports healthcare sharing ministries in the bill.

You can find your Representative’s contact information by clicking the button below. When you call, please keep these things in mind:

Be polite.
Stick to the issue of the healthcare bill.
The person with whom you are speaking is simply taking down a message and cannot answer questions.
Ask to be included in the next tele-townhall event.


Here is a suggested “script” of what you can say to the staff member with whom you will speak.

“Hello. My name is __________________________. I am a member of _______ HealthShare, a healthcare sharing ministry. I have been informed that the healthcare reform bill circulating in the House of Representatives does not protect our healthcare sharing ministry.

As you work with your colleagues and President Trump on the current healthcare reform bill, I urge you to support amending the final bill to protect our healthcare options with the following provisions:

1. Allow members of healthcare sharing ministries to participate in Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Several bills (H.R. 1175 and S.403) have such a provision, but the current reform bill does not. Please do what you can to ensure that the final House and Senate healthcare reform bill allow our members to use HSAs.

2. Please be sure the 30% continuous coverage penalty does not apply to members of healthcare sharing ministries. Members that move into or out of healthcare sharing would be hit by this penalty. Under the ACA, our members were exempt from penalties. Please see that an exemption is provided.

Simply, we are asking for the continued freedom to make healthcare decisions based on our needs and values. Please make sure _________ (Representative’s name) strongly urges the House Rules Committee to make these changes to include these two provisions.

Thank you for your assistance.


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  1. Surprise: House ready to change health-care bill after learning Senate reconciliation rules might let them repeal more of ObamaCare

    Which begs the question that should have been asked in the first place: IF the ACA was passed into law using budget reconciliation, then it should be repealed using the exact same process it was passed. How does repealing the exact same law run afoul of reconciliation? Wasn’t that in fact the premise behind repeal and replace?

    Comment by dscott — March 23, 2017 @ 4:43 pm

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