April 6, 2017

The Scope of the Alleged Obama Admin Intelligence Agency Surveillance Net Has Widened

From Charles C. Johnson, whose track record for accuracy outperforms the establishment press (bolds are mine):

BarackObama’s CIA Director John Brennan and His Allies Are Targeting Trump Supporters For Surveillance

Barack Obama‘s CIA Director John O. Brennan targeted Trump supporters for enhanced surveillance, intelligence sources confirm to GotNews’ Charles C. Johnson.

The surveillance took place between Trump’s election on November 8 and the inauguration in January, according to White House and House intelligence sources.

The focus was on General Mike Flynn, billionaire Erik Prince, and Fox News host Sean Hannity — all of whom had close ties to Trump before and after the November election and had helped the future president with managing his new diplomatic responsibilities.

Hannity was targeted because of his perceived ties to Julian Assange, say our intelligence sources. Hannity was reportedly unmasked by Susan Rice at Brennan’s behest thanks to his close relationship with Trump and Julian Assange.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince, a former CIA covert asset, has long criticized the CIA’s bloat and incompetence, including the Brennan-run CIA drone program’s failure to properly target terrorists rather than Afghan civilians. Prince has repeatedly called for restructuring the CIA and argued against Brennan’s tenure.

Billionaire monopolist Jeff Bezos’ CIA-affiliated blog The Washington Post alleged a meeting between Erik Prince, the crown price of the United Arab Emirates and an unnamed Russian “close to Putin” nine days before Trump’s inauguration. The meeting was supposedly to establish a back channel of communication.

Left unanswered in the Post’s story was the following: wasn’t Trump supposed to be colluding with the Russians prior to his election? Why would Trump need a back channel nine days before he’s inaugurated?

Andy McCarthy argued at National Review online on Tuesday that Susan’s Rice’s now-admitted unmasking of private citizens is “A Watergate-style Scandal,” but on Wednesday contended that her actions are abuses of power, but not yet demonstrable crimes.

Does McCarthy’s belief still apply to other Obama administration surveillance actions, especially if one of the targets is a former CIA guy who is now a private citizen and … broadcaster Sean Hannity? If the surveillance actions don’t, does the obviously orchestrated facilitation of post-election and post-inauguration leaking — aside from the leaks themselves, which definitely are crimes — cross that line?



  1. And getting wider:

    Mike Cernovich, the go-to source for Rice-gate, has another revelation . . .


    During the negotiations that Obama had with Iran, the unmasking scandal reaches all the way to pro-Israel activists . . .

    Let that statement sink in for a moment, wait for it, wait for it, when were we all fussing about the run up to Iran nuke deal and BB’s speech before Congress???

    Now we begin to see why Obama’s people had zero qualms about using NSA information “inadvertently” gathered on US citizens in regards to a political opponent like Trump. They were doing it for years!!!!! It was routine!!!! This is what happens when someone conflates the Party with the State, ala Communism. They have been doing it so long, they convinced themselves it was perfectly okay, hence Susan Rice and others running their mouths to the MSM, whom they know are sympathetic to their cause. The point of excuses and explanations is to “justify” an action(s) and therefore is a de facto admission of engaging in the activity.

    When I use the euphemism “inadvertently” what the reader should understand is that in the digital age EVERY word of their conversation is swept up by the NSA and stored for later review, period, regardless if they believe it to be related to National Security or not.

    Now we understand why liberals are calling Trump a fascist, it is because Obama was acting just like a fascist.

    This is what systematic abuse of foreign-intelligence collection for domestic political purposes looks like: Intelligence collected on Americans, lawmakers, and figures in the pro-Israel community was fed back to the Obama White House as part of its political operations. The administration got the drop on its opponents by using classified information, which it then used to draw up its own game plan to block and freeze those on the other side. And—with the help of certain journalists whose stories (and thus careers) depend on high-level access—terrorize them.

    Once you understand how this may have worked, it becomes easier to comprehend why and how we keep being fed daily treats of Trump’s nefarious Russia ties. The issue this time isn’t Israel, but Russia, yet the basic contours may very well be the same.


    Comment by dscott — April 6, 2017 @ 2:27 pm

  2. I caught that earlier today. I think it was already known, but certainly bears remembering.

    Comment by Tom — April 6, 2017 @ 4:22 pm

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