April 12, 2017

Pulitzer Winner Michael Hiltzik’s United-Trump Conspiracy Tweet Typifies Unhinged LA Times

Readers who haven’t recently ventured into the fever swamp known as the Los Angeles Times may have a hard time fathoming how utterly obsessed what used to the be the West Coast’s paper of record has become with the threat to civilization known as Donald Trump. Once one understands how bad things have gotten, it will be easy to believe that one of its columnists, a Pulitzer Prize winner, actually tweeted the following early Tuesday: “Just wondering: did Trump ask United CEO Oscar Munoz to distract the world from the White House follies today?”


Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (041217)

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RIP, J. Geils

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Please don’t tell me that his band was “an 80s band,” as USA Today and CBS News.

That’s ridiculous. They had their two biggest hits in the 1980s, but the band’s best music by far came out during the early 1970s — and many of their best songs weren’t even released as singles.

Just a few of their best tracks follow:

Whammer Jammer:

Hard Drivin’ Man:

House Party:

Press Celebrates 7-Point Democrats’ Loss in KS-04 Special House Election

After Tuesday night’s special election, a Republican will continue to represent the people in Kansas’s Fourth Congressional District. Democrats and their apparatchiks in the press want people to believe that their party achieved a moral victory because their candidate only lost by seven points.