May 24, 2017

AP Sneaks Leftist Hack Into NH GOP Event, With Predictable Results

As if we needed it, given their reporters’ conduct during the past two years, here’s more evidence that the Associated Press is now a full-fledged participant in the anti-Trump, anti-conservative, anti-Republican Party “resistance.” A virulently anti-Trump freelance reporter doing work for the AP, which is a supposed to be a wire service finding and reporting news as it occurs, snuck into a closed New Hampshire Republican Party gathering and presented an unbylined report which, per others who were there and other available evidence, was highly inaccurate.

Friday evening, WMUR in Manchester, New Hampshire reported the following after the appearance of a late-Thursday AP report on  Granite State Republican Party event (links are in original; bolds are mine throughout this post):

NHGOP angered that Associated Press reporter attended, reported on closed fundraiser

Party calls parts of story ‘grossly inaccurate’ but AP ‘stands by its reporting’

The state Republican Party is angry after a freelance reporter working for The Associated Press entered a Thursday night party fundraiser that was closed to the media and wrote a story that the NHGOP says was, in part, “grossly inaccurate.”

The AP says the freelancer “was invited in by a woman who appeared to be part of the event” and “stands by its reporting.”

The NHGOP’s “Spring to Victory” fundraiser at the Nashua Radisson Hotel featured Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump. Members of the media were not allowed to attend due to a “mutually agreed upon” decision by The White House and the party, New Hampshire Republican chair Jeanie Forrester said Friday.

After the fundraiser ended, The AP posted a four-paragraph story with no byline that contained partial quotes attributed to Conway. It described the crowd as being “largely friendly to Conway,” but also said, “Some people in attendance withheld applause when Conway let loose with snarky comments about Democrat Hillary Clinton.”

The story also said, “About 150 people attended.”

“This is an absolute outrage,” NHGOP adviser Patrick Hynes said Friday. He said 430 people attended the fundraiser, and, he said, “The crowd was wildly enthusiastic in support of Kellyanne Conway’s justified criticism of the atrocious Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.”

According to Hynes, those two assertions were “grossly inaccurate”and “objectively wrong.” He pointed out a photo of the crowd posted on Facebook by party activist Michael Biundo.

Hynes said The AP’s bureau chief, Michael Casey, told him that freelancer Melanie Plenda covered the fundraiser. Plenda, when reached by WMUR, deferred comment to The AP’s two-sentence statement …

… “The event was closed to the press and they knew that,” Hynes said. “It was not up to them to make that decision. It was a Republican State Committee event. They just lost any ounce of journalistic ethics that they had.”

The Facebook crowd photo Biundo posted, which is clearly not of the full room, clearly contains more than the 150 people Plenda claimed. As such the AP, in “standing by its story,” is standing by false reporting.

Here is Plenda’s full AP report (presented in full because of its brevity, and for fair use and discussion purposes):

Kellyanne Conway Tells Trump’s Supporters to Ignore Critics

President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway has told supporters in New Hampshire they should “just ignore” his critics and the incessant chatter about the scandals dogging him.

Conway was guest speaker Thursday at the fundraising Spring to Victory dinner, hosted by the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in Nashua. About 150 people attended.

The crowd was largely friendly to Conway, applauding when she mentioned Trump’s proposed tax plan and efforts to overhaul the health care law. Some people in attendance withheld applause when Conway let loose with snarky comments about Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Conway encouraged the room full of Republicans to pivot from being the party of the job creators to become the party of the job holders. She says people who have “one, two and three jobs” make up more of the voting population and “turned this election.”

Scandals (plural), already? The AP barely and only fleetingly recognized the existence of any scandals among so very many which occurred during Barack Obama’s two terms as president (several of which continue, even during these early months of the Trump presidency).

Plenda’s word selection also leaves quite a bit to be desired. The Associated Press Stylebook I have in my possession tells its reporters to “In general, avoid slang, the highly informal language that is outside conventional or standard usage.” The dictionary tells us that “snarky” is a slang term.

Thus, though Plenda claims to be an award-winning journalist, she certainly didn’t act like one in preparing her Thursday evening dispatch. There’s also no reason to believe that her characterization of Conway’s remarks concerning job creators and job holders was a suggested “pivot” in any meaningful sense. You were there and probably recording what she said, Melanie. Where are the full statements in quotes which would prove that?

On Monday, Penny Starr at Breitbart News followed up with the NHGOP’s Hynes, and learned the following:

“The Associated Press in New Hampshire appears to be engaged in leftwing activism rather than journalism,” Hynes told Breitbart News. “And Melanie Plenda is a leftwing activist not a journalist.”

“They conspired to sneak this leftwing activist into an event for which they were not credentialed and deliberately misreported on the attendance and the enthusiasm with which Kellyanne Conway was greeted,” Hynes said.

Though Plenda’s journalism was certainly weak, does that necessarily mean she’s a “left-wing activist”?

Perhaps not, but this Facebook post, which Starr claims belongs to the same Melanie Plenda, shows that she is at the very least quite Trump-deranged (red underlines are mine):


The AP clearly had no business assigning Plenda to cover a Republican gathering which was in any event closed to the press.

The entire affair, from its sneakiness to the person assigned to the story to the writeup itself, supports the contention by the NHGOP’s Hynes that the AP “just lost any ounce of journalistic ethics that they had.”


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