June 5, 2017

CNN Denies ‘Staging’ London Anti-ISIS Protest, But Orchestration Is Obvious

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On Sunday in London, CNN’s Becky Anderson and an accompanying camera crew were captured by another videographer appearing to stage an anti-ISIS protest by a small group equipped with printed signs. CNN has denied staging the event, claiming that it “simply filmed” those involved, but it’s clear that the affair was at the very least quite orchestrated and agenda-driven.


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Positivity: Doorman ‘saved countless lives’ by pelting jihadis with bottles, glasses and bar stools and driving them into gun cops’ sights

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From London:

5th June 2017, 12:23 am
Updated: 5th June 2017, 1:20 pm

A doorman known as Ozzy led a brave charge against the maniacs after seeing them repeatedly knifing a woman

A HERO bouncer saved countless lives by hurling bar stools, bottles and glasses at the ­London Bridge terrorists — driving them towards the police marksmen’s guns.

The 33-year-old doorman, known as Ozzy, led a brave charge against the maniacs, despite fearing they had suicide bomb vests, after seeing them repeatedly knifing a woman ­outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market.

The dad of one, from Earl’s Court, West London, said: “I heard a serious amount of screaming and commotion coming from the street.

“Me and a few of the doormen went to see what had happened. We saw three guys in camouflage trousers stabbing this woman.

“They were all surrounding her and knifing her repeatedly . . . about ten times. They suddenly looked up and started running towards other individuals.”

He told a friend: “I realised I had to do something. If I hadn’t turned back there were so many people caught up in the panic there would have been more hurt.

“Me and another guy started launching bar stools, bottles and glasses at them to try and disrupt them.

“It was completely chaotic, like a war zone.

“They ran through the barrage and we deflected them and they literally ran straight into the cops, who shot them.” The madmen were cut down by 50 bullets. Ozzy’s courage was seen in a chaotic video as the terror gang were taken out. He can be heard telling the public they are safe.

He says: “Be careful, I don’t know if he’s got a bomb. We managed to stop some terrorists.” …

Go here for the rest of the story.