June 14, 2017

Good Guys With Guns …

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… stop a bad guy with a gun (“two Capitol Police officers“) — preventing a massacre.

Yet the first thing Virginia’s governor passively-aggressively pushed for in reaction to the shooting was more gun control.

Steve Scalise’s condition has gone from stable this morning to critical, per the latest reports.

Pray for him and his family and this nation. Hard.


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  1. The liberal Democrats have started two narratives to explain away the actions of yet again one of THEIR followers:

    1. Moral Equivalence, everyone does it therefore all are guilty and not the Democrats who incite violence with their hate spewing rhetoric.

    2) It’s guns, not the hateful rhetoric by liberal Democrats that delegitimizes, demonizes and defames those who disagree with them.

    Both are excuses to continue incitement of hate and violence. These narratives do nothing to take responsibility and therefore stop the incitement of violence.

    Bernie Sanders to this point is the only one who has denounced violence as a means of political expression. For this he should be commended, but he needs to take one more step to show he means it and not just blathering words…stop the demeaning, demonizing and defaming rhetoric.

    Comment by dscott — June 15, 2017 @ 7:30 am

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