June 21, 2017

AP Absurdly Pretends Handel Kept Her Distance From Trump

It only took four sentences for Bill Barrow and Kathleen Foody at the Associated Press to serve up a howler for the ages in their attempt to minimize the national significance of Republican Karen Handel’s victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff in Tuesday evening’s Sixth District congressional election in Georgia. Their report’s fourth sentence claimed that the winner’s victory speech “thank you to Trump was Handel’s most public show of support of the man who wasn’t embraced by many voters in the well-educated suburban Atlanta district in November.” That’s utter nonsense, as the AP pair essentially admitted two times much later in their dispatch.


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Karen Handel Beats Jon Ossoff in GA-06 (Ossoff’s Non-Residency Likely Cost Him the Election)

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To lose to Republican Karen Handel by roughly 4 points, supporters of Democrat Jon Ossoff spent $23 million — just through May 31. Republicans spent about $14 million through May 31 defending a seat they had previously held, making the race the most expensive House contest in history, probably by miles.

By comparison, in a House race in Ohio’s Second District which drew a very similar amount of national attention in 2005, Republican primary loser Pat DeWine was ridiculed for spending $1 million, when none of his rivals spent anywhere near that. The general election two months later saw larger sums spent, but nothing resembling the amounts just seen in GA-06. (Note the Democrats don’t talk much about the evils of money in politics when they’re on the outside trying to get back in.)

Unless someone can cite a meaningful exception, I believe that Democrats, despite spending wildly unprecedented amounts of money, have yet to win a race that matters since Donald Trump’s election last November. The more they continue to spend in losing special-election efforts on races such as GA-06, the more difficulty they will have raising major dollars for the general election in 2018.

If the Dems haul out James Hodgkinson, Kathy Griffin and the Julius Caesar-Trump assassination fantasy play as excuses, they’ll be essentially admitting the degree of deep trouble they are in. If that really is their copout list, and if they expect voters to forget these and other examples of violence and incivility, they would seem to be in line for a very rude awakening 16-1/2 months from now.

Here’s a better idea: Blame the party for clearing the field for and pushing a guy who didn’t even live in the district. Why would a party trying to flip a district long held by the other party even think of doing that?

I keep seeing people who claim that the residency issue, which has been an automatic disqualifier at this blog since it began 12 years ago, is not a big deal. Don’t kid yourself; it’s big enough to matter.

If Ossoff’s non-residency was deal-breaker for just 5,000 voters tonight (just under 2 percent of the total turnout), causing them to vote for Handel when they would otherwise have voted for Ossoff, it means a similar Democrat who actually lives in the district would have won tonight.