July 2, 2017

Positivity: Strangers present a 20-year-old Texas fast food worker who walks SIX MILES to and from work every day with a car

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From Rockwell, Texas (video at link; HT Gateway Pundit):

Andy Mitchell saw Justin Korva, 20, walking to work in a fast-food uniform
Korva was walking in 95 degree heat, so Mitchell gave the young man a lift
Korva told him he was walking the three miles to work because he was saving for a car of his own
Mitchell rallied his community and raised enough money to buy Korva a car
There was enough money left over for a year of insurance, two years of oil changes and a $500 gas card
Mitchell said he was inspired by Korva’s work ethic and determination
Video shows the moment Korva is surprised with the car by his new friends

Go here for the full story.


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