July 11, 2017

From the ‘Not This **** Again’ Dept.: Comey’s Classified Memos

Lord have mercy. Now that some of the memos released by former FBI Director Jim Comey have been determined to contain classified information:

  • Daily Caller (and other sites) — “Comey Friend: Docs Given To Me Were Not Marked ‘Classified’”
  • Politico — “But a source with knowledge of the memos said several of them appear to have been “retroactively classified,” and it’s unclear whether any of those details were shared with anyone without a proper clearance.”

Here’s a memo to dudes and dudettes: Documents are “born classified” based on their content, whether “labeled,” “retroactively classified,” or not.

If all this sounds sickeningly familiar, it’s because it is:


Hillary Clinton used the same lame, legally irrelevant defenses (“not marked classified“; “retroactively classified“) as she defended her indefensible use of a private server and non-government email accounts to conduct State Department and other national security-related business.

Cue Aerosmith, “Same Old Song and Dance”:


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