July 15, 2017

Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (071517)

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  1. Time to demand an end to the H-2B visa program…

    Maine Town Resorts To Hiring Americans As Visas Run Out


    Comment by dscott — July 15, 2017 @ 4:36 pm

  2. An item in my continuing series, to watch certain states with Senators from both parties.

    Today’s observation comes from Nebraska (which currently has 2 GOP, Fischer and Sasse, but historically had Chuck Hagel(R) and a (D) {john Kerry? Nelson? sorry, missing detail not important enough to looku p right now}.)

    Here is the news article link, via RCP.
    By Rebecca Berg, RCP Staff, July 15, 2017


    Random thoughts

    What i find interesting is the level of animosity in those quoted folks, in the article illustrating attitudes on both sides of the Big-MO and in then brief scan in the comments.

    This kind of dits-my-own-constituents arrogant attitude by a Politician is one that can leave a lasting negative — an emotional memory of distaste that will linger, can only be overcome by Sasse’s re-election campaign if (a) the NE voters in the comments are anomalies, which is apparently what Sasse believes and his Senate re-election campaign will need to poll to test and (b) IF there is no GOP primary competitor AND IF-then the Dems offer a general election competitor soooo baaaad that the irritated Sasse voters hold their nose to stay with him.

    Consider also, from the news quotes, that the sass by Sasse may causes this effect to the NE GOP primary: high-emotion against him to boost a Not-Sasse turnout yet stay-neutral shrugs by those preferring to ignore his grand-standing behavior, and thus fewer campaign donations and campaign volunteers and, most important, fewer neighborly free-positives in casual conversations. (The latter voter may have analogy to the ‘privately against Hillary’ voters, who preferred to not mention to their friends of a plan to vote against her in the privacy or to non-vote in the privacy of the voting booth, resulting in Trump’s win, as a critical variance from campaign poll predictions.)

    This pair of quote may have a key insight that deserves early polling test: Is the desire for boring and the anti-Sasse sentiment currently localized to the Omaha World-Herald readership? (That paper also has to please their across-the-river readership, resulting in more news about the Iowa Presidential content than, e.g., a Lincoln-NE based newspaper or a western-NE based newspaper audience.)
    “Here in Nebraska we do kind of like boring politicians, and Ben Sasse is not boring at all,” said Aspen. “In an odd way, it’s a bit of a liability.” (Quote is at the end of the article, Aspen is identified in middle as a soft-supporter of Sasse. Jeremy Aspen, a member of the state party central committee )
    “I and a lot of my conservative friends have already decided that we will not be voting for Sasse the next time that he is up for election,” one Nebraskan, Del Ostergaard, wrote in a recent letter to the Omaha World-Herald, citing Sasse’s Iowa jaunt. “I hope that he will have a primary opponent. If not, I believe that we will have only one Republican senator from our state. Really sad.”
    In a letter to the Omaha World-Herald, reader Kalani Simpson marveled that while Fischer “takes heat for her political stances … Sasse basks in oohs and aahs from national media elites for being photographed in gym shorts on Capitol grounds or for firing off a ‘witty’ Nickelback tweet.”

    Sasse, who is not up for re-election until 2020. So this article is not worth much study for us, Ohio readers. Worth a brief read, and file-away a couple anecdotes:

    - “More than a few party activists raised eyebrows when Sasse decided this year to give up his seat on the Senate agriculture committee, on which Nebraska lawmakers have served consecutively for decades; instead, he opted for slots on the more high-profile judiciary and armed services committees. “ The latter would also be for the Omaha-World-Herald readership, for its Offutt AFB connection. The former would then be apparently following in the model of his across-the-river colleague, Senator Grassley heads judiciary committee, or perhaps Sasse’s opt for a judiciary seat was again a vanity play: the high attention that committee will have over the next few years with SCOTUS vacancies.

    In a random anecdote, I had to research the term “Nickelback” in this article. It’s a music group.

    At ¾ down: Sasse, if anything, has been unconventional: driving for Uber, tweeting more like a millennial than a middle-age senator, making jokes at the expense of the band Nickelback. He has groaned that the country’s “political parties aren’t very interesting.”

    So here is a song from the music group, Nickelback. “Someday”


    Comment by Cornfed — July 15, 2017 @ 7:26 pm

  3. I don’t get Sasse at all, but if he continues to be reflexively anti-Trump, someone should primary him. Even if it falls short, it might knock sense into him.

    The other previous Senator was Bob Kerrey, a sometimes moderate Dem.

    Comment by Tom — July 16, 2017 @ 12:01 pm

  4. “resorts to” — how quaint.

    Comment by Tom — July 16, 2017 @ 12:02 pm

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