July 28, 2017

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (072817)

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  1. Some thoughts for my fellow Ohioan – for our friends and Fair goers

    The tragedy at the Ohio State Fair was unacceptable. Like you, I am appalled with yet another training accident. We must not fail our neighbors and friends, and or families.

    We remind ourselves to day to renew our commitments to our core families. Think, and act effectively:
    - We must re-calibrate our energies, renew our commitment to Quality and Attention To Detail.
    - Our scientists and engineers and acquisition professionals should review their priorities and requirements. The Human Factors element has an elevated need for attention and improvement. Where we can, we should look to quickly and effectively implement and install improved MMI (Man-Machine Interfaces) that incorporate science with intuition so that the status displays may provide intuitive ‘leading indicators’ to experienced operators. Stop assuming the machine BIT (built in test) can out-perform the persons-in-the-loop! It cannot, because it is later to need, reactive instead of predictive behavior.
    - Our program managers and corporate leaders must own this problem; not waive it off as the providence of the tech weenies. What training can be reinstated or created to reinforce the tactile awareness by operators to observe “expected behavior” within operating condition norms, or recognize potential outliers: Did the swing of the arm went farther than typical on the Nth rotation, if visually watching its peak relative to some other comparative environment feature? Were the gestures of the riders different: pushed against their seatbelts more than usual from a higher-magnitude than usual of the centrifugal force vector? Was the sound different of the riders: from fun to fear? Were the casual crowd watchers amused, or showing confusion and the beginnings of concern?
    If and where we can observe and notice these indicators, we need to try, and then we can and will learn to remove our accumulated complacency, shake off the ‘dust of trust in the machines’ and return to normal human oversight and awareness of our world, our friends, and our ability to perceive, to predict, and prevent future tragedies..

    This is my wish, this is our hope.

    Comment by Cornfed — July 29, 2017 @ 2:57 am

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