August 23, 2017

Wednesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (082317)

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  1. With Angry Politics Dominating, Trump’s Smart Infrastructure Reforms Go Almost Unnoticed

    I’m going to put this out there, IMO, Trump is the Democrat that the Party should have attracted and kept, the old time nostalgic version without the corruption.

    IF you believe the government can do better than the individual or private collective (company and corporation), the hallmark of that belief should be it must be done cost effectively and efficiently as the demonstration of the validity of that belief.

    As a conservative and capitalist, I know human nature, and I know government… Inefficiency and job security are the hallmarks of a lack of competition. With that thought, any success by Trump in making government more efficient and cost effective (and not just a joke as it is now) is actually bordering on dangerous to conservatism. Think about it, a true Republican wants the government to be minimally involved in anything, allowing individuals/companies/corporations to compete and make a profit in serving the customer’s needs at the price point that is deemed sustainable. What Trump brings to this equation is a hybrid of the two strains of thought (Rep and Dem). This hybrid invariably leads to James Madison’s warning in Federalist Paper 62 concerning special interests getting legislation passed for their profiteering, in other words producing a product that the customer wouldn’t need or want at the price point being offered.

    I am tempered by the thought that we can never stop the profiteering via legislation by special interest groups all together, and realistically can only be lessened as Trump is attempting. The prefect can not be allowed to be the enemy of the good. But I can dream…

    Comment by dscott — August 23, 2017 @ 8:17 am

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