August 25, 2017

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (082517)

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  1. It appears now the mayor of Charlotteville, VA is trying to toss the police chief under the bus:

    Charlottesville Mayor Claims Police Chief Told Him ‘Stay Out of My Way’

    Charlottesville’s Mayor claimed Thursday that he and other members of the city council “were not given the security plan for August 12,” which was developed and closely held by the City Manager, the Police Chief, and the Fire Chief.

    Mayor Mike Signer’s Facebook statement about city preparations in Charlottesville prior to the brawls between self-described white supremacists, white nationalists, and progressive street groups said:

    I asked the Police Chief what I could do to be helpful during that day as Mayor, he answered, ‘Stay out of my way.’ Despite repeated requests, I was not allowed into the City’s Command Center (run by City staff) and was instead asked to be in the Emergency Operations Center (where fire, rescue, and other stakeholders were monitoring the situation).

    Notice three things here:

    1) The mayor now acknowledges there was a “security plan”

    2) He claims he did know what the plan was, IMO that’s pure BS.

    3) He was forced to go to the Emergency Command Center and not the City Command Center as though he, the mayor wouldn’t receive the same monitoring, i.e. less info. on events. Again, this IMO is BS since the “Emergency Command” with fire, rescue, etc is where ALL the info would be coming through.

    IMO, Mayor Signer is spinning to avoid blame in what is clearly an inaction of following the security plan called Depraved Indifference by pulling the police back from protecting/being a barrier to Antifa and BLM demonstrators attacking the permit holders.

    Also, I noticed that the Boston protests contrary to MSM reporting involved Antifa and BLM demonstrators attacking the police who formed a protective barrier between the groups.


    Comment by dscott — August 25, 2017 @ 9:12 am

  2. More detail:

    Charlottesville Mayor: Police Chief Told Me ‘Stay Out Of My Way’

    This is more reason why the conspiracy theory circulating among the fake news and alt-right networks that I somehow ordered a “stand down” among the police is even more crazy than it seems. I simply don’t have that legal authority. I couldn’t order a “stand down” if I wanted to…

    This is why City Council deemed it necessary to hold an emergency closed session today with the City Manager to discuss personnel matters. The events on August 12 have raised serious questions about the City’s handling of security, communications, and governance…

    …Slate reports that during the meeting today, the city council voted to establish an independent review board which will examine the city’s response. This may be a step toward firing the city manager (or someone else) but it appears no one was fired today. On the contrary, Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy was singing kumbaya. “We’re not looking to place blame on anyone,” he said.

    delay, deny, dissemble…

    A review board is one way to bury an issue until the public is focused elsewhere when the truth ceases to matter anymore.

    Didn’t we hear the police said the Mayor gave the stand down order????

    Haven’t we heard that before regarding the State Department’s black site in Libya and what happened to the people who gave that stand down order?

    Comment by dscott — August 25, 2017 @ 9:52 am

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