September 8, 2017

Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (090817)

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  1. Lou Dobbs: Trump Slaughtered Paul RINO By Making A Deal With Democrats Yesterday

    My take on this, IF the GOP leadership is only going to raise the debt limit and continue business as usual with the Continuing Resolutions, then cutting a deal with Dems for a 90 day rise to December puts the GOP leadership in a box.

    It’s obvious that the GOP leadership is NOT on board with the major Trump promises of repealing ObamaCare, Taxes, boarder wall and Immigration. I’m thinking he did the DACA 6 month delay to put the GOP leadership on notice making them fully responsible for any amnesty granted just before the primaries and Congressional elections.

    They now have two time bombs ticking, IF I were Trump I would threaten to veto any CR they send up and demand 12 budgets as regular order requires. The whole point of the CR is to remove the leverage on individual items in an all or nothing show down. The GOP leadership is now faced with having to explain to the public why they haven’t delivered on the campaign promises and failed to even do a budget. And Trump at this point vetoing any CR as a way to stick it to the GOP leadership will not be blamed having shown he is willing to deal on a bipartisan basis taking the 90 debt deal with Democrats. The GOP leadership believes against reason that any government shut down is going to be blamed on them. Given the recent natural disasters, not having the debt limit as an issue leaves the GOP open to a losing PR disaster. I think Trump has recognized that RINOs are generally frightened by negative press and will collapse in the face of an angry GOP base threatening to primary them.

    It’s a ballsy move on Trump’s part. High risk for high reward.

    Comment by dscott — September 8, 2017 @ 9:32 am

  2. A deal made possible by Antifa’s collapse

    The election is finally over.

    Democrats finally have accepted the results.

    Trump saw this, and cashed in on Wednesday.

    He is playing the Democratic Party leadership against the Republican Party leaders that for nine months have blown him off.

    Come the 2018 primaries, the GOP leadership is going to be in a vise. They are going to forced to choose between the future campaign contributors they are pandering to or the current GOP base they are beholding to.

    Comment by dscott — September 8, 2017 @ 9:52 am

  3. Google’s search bias against conservative news sites has been quantified

    Hence you should no longer use google. Use alternatives like

    Comment by dscott — September 8, 2017 @ 11:54 am


    Congress has tried to sneak through amnesties three times in a little more than a decade. Every time, the American people somehow found out — despite the best efforts of the press — rose up in a rage and killed the proposed bills.

    In 2006, President Bush got the brilliant idea to push amnesty on the country. His party was wiped out the very next time voters could get to the polls.

    Liberals like to claim that their brave opposition to the Iraq War led to the midterm slaughter, but, as I recall, they were against that war in the 2004 presidential election, too, and Bush won. An April 2006 Washington Post–ABC News poll — taken about a month after Bush launched his amnesty crusade — showed that more Americans approved of Bush’s handling of the Iraq War than approved of his handling of immigration. In nearly every poll on Bush’s handling of immigration that year, a huge majority of the public disapproved.

    Three years ago, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his seat to an unknown economics professor, Dave Brat, by a whopping 55 percent to 45 percent, despite outspending Brat 40-to-1. It was the first time in history a member of leadership had lost a primary. (This despite Cantor being one of the “Young Guns”!) Brat had explicitly attacked Cantor for supporting amnesty.

    Most spectacularly, last year, an utterly implausible presidential candidate crushed all his opponents — including the media — and won the White House by promising to deport illegals and build a wall.

    All I can say is Paul Ryan and his fellow RINOs must really think that all those campaign contributions must exceed the 40 to 1 ratio to beat their primary opponents. Is there really that much money flowing to Congress to keep them in power? I find it hard to believe the GOP leadership really think they got the voting base over the barrel after what happened in 2006. Are they that stupid?

    This is why I think Trump put them in the box with DACA regarding the timing of it. We know Democrats will vote to legalize them all.

    Today, there are at least 40 million illegals living in the U.S. (Eleven million is nonsense — they’ve been claiming that since the 1980s. See Adios, America)

    Comment by dscott — September 8, 2017 @ 12:54 pm

  5. Hopeful signs that the public and voters are more than ready to shed the establishment family mythologies:

    Memo to Caroline Kennedy: Stop trying to force your son on America
    By Maureen Callahan August 8, 2017 | 6:36pm | Updated

    Among those known to us as second-generation Kennedys, the children, nieces and nephews of JFK, RFK and Ted are a rogues’ gallery

    “I’m inspired by my family’s legacy of public service,” Jack [Kennedy, son of Caroline] said on “Today” last May. “So stay tuned.”

    “Please, let’s not. Much as the electorate has finally had its fill of the Clintons — you know it’s bad when even Vanity Fair begs Chelsea not to run — so too should we be done, once and for all, with the Kennedys and their myths.”


    In a positive note, she co-write (listed as 2nd author) of excellent book, putting her legal degree to good use for the public:

    The Right to Privacy Paperback – February 4, 1997
    by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy

    Comment by Cornfed — September 8, 2017 @ 4:45 pm

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