September 13, 2017

Destroying the ‘Trump and His Admin Are White Supremacists’ Media Meme Once and For All

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It’s a busy day, with no time for detailed posting.

That’s okay. What follows will more than suffice.

Note that the linked article below is from December 19, 2016, meaning that the media meme discussed should have died a miserable death at least a year ago.

But instead, we have willfully ignorant people like ESPN’s Jemele Hill who insist on perpetuating it, refuse to let it go, and suffer no meaningful consequences from their employers for their obvious and overt bigotry, apparently because doing so would upset their and their brainwashed employers’ entire twisted worldview (and yes, I’ve noticed that our nation’s fake-news, Beltway media-dependent Congress is trying to pile on):


Donald Trump initially refused to disavow the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke. Only under mounting political pressure did he finally disavow them. This suggests that he panders to white supremacists.


From 1991 until election day in November 2016, Donald Trump repudiated and disavowed David Duke or the KKK no less than 55 times in 15 public occasions.

Seven of those occasions happened before a CNN interview in which he insisted “I know nothing about” David Duke or white supremacists. The media made a monstrous meme out of this one instance when he only said “I know nothing about” instead of “I disavow,” to make it seem as if Trump wanted the support of the KKK. But really, he had already disavowed David Duke publicly two days before and three days before. …

The linked article is long and at times tedious, as it has to be, given the circumstances and charges. But do read the whole thing, and either bookmark it or save it to your device’s drive. I wish I could hat-tip the person who brought this to my attention. I too easily lose track of such things, but I could not be more grateful.

As a bonus, I’m re-posting the video Lynne Patton, one of the Trump organization’s key employees, prepared on her own in early 2016.

As a I wrote a year ago, “Dare your Trump-hating friends to watch (this)”:

There are reasons to be less than completely happy with Donald Trump’s performance to date, but the idea that he and the people around him are unrepentant white supremacists is not one of them. That claim is an irresponsible, false, fake-news smear that disgraces anyone in any position — no matter how “powerful” or “prestigious” — who makes it.


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