September 14, 2017

CNN’s Celebrity Chef: I’d Give Trump Hemlock If I Could

Proving once again that there’s no limit to the assassination imaginations of those who strongly oppose Donald Trump, a celebrity chef has declared that he would poison the U.S. President if given the chance to serve a joint meal to him and North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un. Anthony Bourdain, who has had 4-1/2 year, nine-”season” run on CNN with a series called Parts Unknown, told a TMZ reporter that he would serve the pair “hemlock,” which those familiar with history know was the poison forced upon the Greek philosopher Socrates when he was sentenced to death.


At ESPN, Jemele Hill’s Racist Poison Slides, While Linda Cohn Was Suspended For Frankness

Many readers here know that ESPN’s Jemele Hill, co-host of SC6, went on a Twitter rant earlier this week calling Donald Trump and his administration a pack of white supremacists. (Many in the press simply will not allow the fact that Trump has disavowed white supremacists and their ilk 55 times get in the way of fueling this non-stop smear.) Hill appears to have suffered no visible consequences beyond the equivalent of a wrist slap for her unhinged outburst. ESPN is of course free to treat its personnel as it sees fit, but how can it rationally justify basically letting Hill off the hook while suspending legendary female broadcaster Linda Cohn for making several obvious observations in a radio interview about the network’s finances and direction?


Thursday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (091417)

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Awesome: The Chainsaw-Wielding Nun

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