September 14, 2017

CNN’s Celebrity Chef: I’d Give Trump Hemlock If I Could

Proving once again that there’s no limit to the assassination imaginations of those who strongly oppose Donald Trump, a celebrity chef has declared that he would poison the U.S. President if given the chance to serve a joint meal to him and North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un. Anthony Bourdain, who has had 4-1/2 year, nine-”season” run on CNN with a series called Parts Unknown, told a TMZ reporter that he would serve the pair “hemlock,” which those familiar with history know was the poison forced upon the Greek philosopher Socrates when he was sentenced to death.

Bourdain was direct in his desire to eliminate Trump, saying that he’d do so himself if presented the opportunity. Roughly halfway through the one-minute, 51-second interview segment carried at the Daily Caller, in the brief segment shown below, Bourdain was asked the following question:


TMZ REPORTER: If Trump and Kim Jong Un were going to have a bit of a summit to try and mend relations, and they wanted you to cater, what would you serve?


(Reporter laughs almost uncontrollably)

Yes, the TMZ reporter thought Bourdain’s answer was uproariously funny.

To be clear, the conversation leading up to that point was fairly serious, with the reporter bizarrely asking Bourdain if he would ever consider doing one of his food- and travel-oriented shows from North Korea. Bourdain responded, in essence, “Of course not, because most of the people there are starving.” So it can hardly be claimed that the CNN host’s answer was a sudden departure into some form of sick humor.

So we’ve had the Kathy Griffin-Trump severed head incident in late May, which prompted an apology from the so-called comedienne which was taken back only three months later. We’ve had a New York Central Park theater group revise Julius Caesar this past summer to make the ultimately and bloodily assassinated Caesar look and act like a modern-day Trump. And now we have Bourdain.

What do they all have in common? A direct association with Time Warner, CNN’s parent company. Griffin has been CNN’s New Year’s Eve hostess, but has allegedly been fired from that position (I personally won’t believe that until the ball drops on Times Square and she’s not there). Time Warner was a sponsor of the just-mentioned Julius Caesar, and refused to back down despite viewer, shareholder and other public protests. And now we have Anthony Bourdain, a CNN show host, telling a laughing reporter at TMZ, yet another Time Warner property, that he’d poison Donald Trump if given the opening to do so. (Bourdain’s Parts Unknown show apparently has had a penchant for profanity since his CNN series began.)

James O’Keefe’s undercover interviews of several of those involved in CNN’s news operation revealed one reporter who believed that the network’s obsession with finding collusion between Donald Trump and Russia was “mostly bullish**,” and another who believed that “voter are stupid as sh*t” for having elected Donald Trump president.

No wonder Time Warner buyer AT&T is exploring selling off CNN when the proposed merger is completed. The question is: Who would pay real money to own it in its current decrepit, unhinged, bloodthirsty condition?


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