September 17, 2017

Positivity: Couple Cancels Wedding Reception To Give Money To Hurricane Victims Instead

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Via Daryn Kagan:

September 14, 2017

Ever hear about a wedding where you had complete confidence a couple will do great?

That’s the case with Shellie Schoellkopf and Robert Callaway from League City, Texas.

KPRC reports the couple had a big ol’ shindig set for October 7th.

But in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and all the devastation around Houston, the couple just couldn’t keep things the same, not with how many of their friends and family had been affected by the flood.

Callaway told KPRC, “This person lost everything …This person lost everything …This person lost everything.”

They will still marry on the planned day, but they’ve canceled the reception and instead will donate $5,000 to hurricane relief funds.

They picked a flood ravaged house for their wedding photo shoot to always have the memories of this time of their life and what’s important. …

As Kagan notes, this incredibly humble couple is wrong about one thing: They don’t think they’re doing anything especially noble, noteworthy, or laudatory.

Go here for the rest of the story.


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