September 17, 2017

The Scam That Is the Anti-Vaping Movement

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There is apparently a serious movement to ban a product with the potential to which is already saving lives: E-Cigarettes.

Big money is at stake, so the people who claim to detest smoking are working to discredit and ban vaping to ensure that cigarette smoking — and the sales revenues and tax collections they generate — never go away.

Ace has posted an interesting personal story.

He also posted this three-minute video teasing a longer documentary on “available on Amazon and maybe Netflix”:

Those who don’t have the patience for a three-minute video can be assured that if the serially deceptive Ed Markey of Massachusetts says that “The dangers of E-cigarettes are clear” and “no better than the Joe Camels of the past” (which he does in the video), you can be almost certain that vaping opponents are trying to accomplish their cherished banning of the product by making things up.


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