September 24, 2017

Story of our National Anthem, and Why ‘I’ve Got Better Things to Do’ Than Watch Sports

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Watch the story of Francis Scott Key and Fort Henry:

Now it will perhaps be easier to understand why the histrionics of NFL players in response to the national anthem, whose story is described in the above video, and the apparent spread of such nonsense to other sports, in response to what a legally elected President has said to criticize people who just … don’t … get it, has, for now, with the exception of having to monitor mostly off-the-field stuff in sports because of my “job,” caused me to decide … “I’ve got better things to do“:

AP Initially Ignores Steelers Player, Former Army Ranger, Who Came Out of the Locker Room During the Anthem (SEE UPDATE)

UPDATE: It turns out that the AP, and much of the rest of the media, also erred in claiming that almost all Steelers players “stayed in the locker room” See the photo at the end of this post.

The Associated Press is virtually celebrating how, in reaction to “President Donald Trump’s criticism of players who protest during the national anthem,” there was “a mass increase in such activism Sunday, with more than 100 NFL players sitting or kneeling, others raising their fists and whole teams standing with locked arms to display unity.” The AP also reported that “One team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, stayed in the locker room during ‘The Star-Spangled Banner.’” That’s just plain false, and the wire service more than likely knows it.


Sunday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (092417)

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This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

All About Hillary: Carlson Asks Rob Reiner Why His ‘Investigate Russia’ Group Ignores Chinese Cyber Warfare

As Corrine Weaver at NewsBusters noted on Tuesday, an alliance of far-leftists and Never-Trumpers has formed a group called the “Committee to Investigate Russia.” In a video posted on Monday, octogenarian actor Morgan Freeman contended that the United States is “at war” with Russia. On Thursday, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson interviewed actor and director Rob Reiner, a member of that group’s advisory board. Despite Reiner’s outwardly cool demeanor, Carlson’s lines of questioning seemed to catch the guy who is still perhaps best known for having played “Meathead” back in the 1970s on CBS’s All in the Family utterly off-guard.