October 3, 2017

WashPost Op-Ed: Gun-Control Ideas ‘Crumbled’ When Researched

As seen in at least ten separate NewsBusters posts in the past two days, the left has wasted no time politicizing the mass murder at the at Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas to push hard for “gun control” — which ultimately, as anyone who has noticed what governors in Connecticut and New York have done in the past several years knows, involves total gun confiscation. Thus, it is quite noteworthy that the Washington Post, of all places, published a Tuesday afternoon column by Leah Libresco, who asserts, based on months of time she and others spent researching the subject when at FiveThirtyEight.com, that “the case for the (gun-related) policies I’d lobbied for crumbled when I examined the evidence.”


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