October 11, 2017

Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (101117)

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  1. Not in Labor Force # still holding steady…


    340,000 total employment increase for September from August and we haven’t even hit the Christmas Holiday hiring season. So far we are 1.8 million jobs ahead of where we were in 2016 YOY.

    United States: Nonfarm employment and labor force data, not seasonally adjusted


    For September 2017 the official Current U-6 unemployment rate was down drastically from 8.6% in August to 8.0% in September. It was 8.9% in July and June. Typically unemployment peaks in January and then again in July so we may be seeing some of the typical cyclical fluctuations but a drop from of almost a full percentage point from July to September is still an exceptional move.

    And even more amazingly it was 10.1% in January (i.e. only 8 months ago!) and it was 9.3% a year ago (i.e. exactly at this same point in the yearly cycle).


    The U-6 has basically recovered to the 2007 level


    Uninterrupted from this pace, the U-6 will achieve 2000 levels by mid 2018. What all this means is part time jobs are being converted to full time jobs which is a wonderful result for those breaking out of poverty. Remember, the only solution to poverty is a job!

    Comment by dscott — October 11, 2017 @ 3:47 pm

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