October 23, 2017

Violent Leftist Threats Force Dana Loesch to Move Her Family; Ex-CNNer Piers Morgan Is OK With That

When they’re not ignoring these matters completely, the press usually only reluctantly notices when conservative business owners and public figures are harassed, threatened, have their property destroyed, and are sometimes even physically harmed. Beyond that, some press members seem to and sometimes actually act as if the victims should know, understand and accept that this kind of treatment comes with the territory when one expresses views that offend leftist sensibilities. One such person is former CNN and current Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan.

On Friday, Morgan posted a tweet which effectively contended that Dana Loesch deserved the threats she received after narrating a strongly worded video as that group’s spokesperson. The threats directed at Loesch were so violent and specific that she felt compelled to move herself and her family to another home.

When serious threats are directed at those expressing leftist or anti-authority opinions, the press tends to be all over it quite quickly, and (to be clear, justifiably) with great sympathy.

For example, on Friday, at the Boston Globe, Yvonne Abraham expressed righteous outrage over a horrible and ugly situation in Lynn, Massachusetts where a coffee shop owner was forced to close her business because her daughter, the shop’s manager whom she quickly fired, had expressed extreme anti-police sentiments (bolds are mine throughout this post):

Last week, Kato Mele’s 23-year-old daughter said some things on Facebook that many people found appalling. She wrote that the White Rose Coffeehouse in Lynn, which her mother owns and where she worked, would never host a “coffee with a cop” event, klatches designed to build goodwill between police and the community.

“I will not be part of the false rhetoric that cops are just misunderstood good guys,” Mele’s daughter wrote, among other things. “They uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence.”

A separate and very short Associated Press item published the previous day noted that “During the ensuing back-and-forth (on Facebook), she (the daughter) called police bullies and racists.” Abraham “somehow” missed noting that.

Mele’s written apology to the police and the Lynn police chief’s handling of the matter — Abraham described him as having “responded beautifully” — didn’t placate the unmitigated hate which ensued:

… by then, it was already too late. A mob had descended within hours of the Facebook post, whipped up by a website that specializes in (and makes money from) marshaling drooling goons for mass attacks, mostly on victims who express left-of-center views.

… Now Mele is shutting it all down …

No responsible conservative or center-right public figure has come out and said “Serves you right” about this coffee shop’s closure, and I fully expect that none will.

Though Abraham inexplicably left out the specifics the AP uncharacteristically reported above, her lament concerning how things work these days is worth heeding:

It’s not enough to just disagree with somebody who says something some find odious. No, angry mobs must be set upon them, to terrify them and destroy their lives. Especially if they’re women.

Her statement is sadly true, but no fair-minded observer can fail to notice that actions of “angry mobs” are far more frequent on the left, and carry a far higher possibility of being carried out violently, than they are on the right. Additionally, no fair-minded observer can fail to notice that leftist mobs who make serious threats and commit actual violence are often ignored by the press — and when they are noticed, their violence is often downplayed or even excused.

Sometimes, supposedly responsible leftist journalists even consider the personal life-impacting results of far-left threats and violence just desserts the victim or victims had coming. Piers Morgan is one such journalist.

A week ago, Loesch, who has been a conservative activist since the dawn of the Tea Party movement, revealed that she had been forced to move herself and her family, i.e., effectively “close down” her involvement in her immediate neighborhood and community, and move to another, after she received a high volume of very specific and violent threats from people who made it clear that they knew where she lived and were intent in killing her.

NRATV recently produced the following video narrated by Loesch going after the left for its still persistent post- 2016 presidential election result tactics:

As a result of threats received after this video, as Cheryl Chumley at the Washington Times reported the following (links are in original):

Dana Loesch, familiar face of Second Amendment activism, says she’s been driven from her home, forced to move, because lunatics on the left have threatened — repeatedly — to harm her.

“One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when police were here, threatened to shoot me in my front yard,” the National Rifle Association spokesperson tweeted over the weekend, as noted by Fox News.

Another tweet: “Another guy created a string of social media accounts, posted photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death.”

Oh, how nice. This is the fringe left — the same that thinks it’s OK to express political disappointments with a baseball (bat) … and Molotov cocktail.

But is it really just “the fringe left”?

Piers Morgan’s history at NewsBusters shows that he has many far-left opinions, but has also rebuked the media for its over-the-top criticisms of Trump and its failure to cover genocide against Christians in some Middle Eastern countries. Of course he’s entitled to his opinions, however loopy they may be.

But, as seen in the following tweets, Morgan’s blind spot on Second Amendment rights and perhaps his personal hostility towards Loesch herself (he banned her from his CNN show for almost eight months in 2013-2014) clearly caused him to lose the self-control we have a right to expect from a responsible media member — or for that matter, any responsible adult. After starting with immature name-calling, Morgan graduated to effectively saying that Loesch’s forced move was a deserved punishment (red underlines are mine):


Loesch’s video does not make any violent threats. It does aggressively promise to defeat the NRA’s and civility’s enemies in the political realm. Any other interpretation of her final statement — that, thanks to the far left and even mainstream Democrats’ violent tactics and rhetoric, “they will perish in the political flames of their own fires” — is willful distortion.

A review of Morgan’s Twitter feed shortly after the tweets above shows no signs of remorse. Frankly, even if he has apologized or eventually does apologize, it would or will be hard to accept its authenticity, given that this is a 52-year old man with decades of experience in journalism and life who should know better as a supposedly decent human being to express such a sentiment in the first place.

And even if he has apologized or eventually does, Morgan has effectively encouraged the unhinged left and the “antifas” by seeming to give them authoritative permission to continue doing what they’ve been doing. Morgan can disagree with this take all he wants, but what he’s really saying is, “I’m okay with what you guys out there are doing to those gun-rights nuts. I have no problem with your continuing to do that when they get out of line.”

Additionally, how this has played out works to the hard-left’s advantage by intimidating others from daring to express non-politically correct observations and opinions, especially if they have spouses, relatives, and children they need to protect.

It would appear that Piers Morgan is okay with that too.

A Google News search on Loesch’s full name in quotes at 8 p.m. Monday evening Eastern time returned only about 20 relevant items. Of them, only two items at The Hill and a column at HuffPost expressing outrage at Loesch’s situation qualified as coming from establishment press or leftist news sources. The New York Times has not posted a story on the threats to Loesch. I also could not find any related items at the APnews.com, the primary website of the Associated Press. But as I noted on Sunday, that site’s search engine is so poorly designed that it only searches on headlines and tags, which proves nothing about the presence or absence of a search term in an article’s content.

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