October 26, 2017

Learned While Preparing a Separate Post: Specific AP Time Stamps End After Two Hours

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In yet another move towards less transparency and accountability, a trend which I detailed in a Sunday NewsBusters post, the Associated Press now labels all stories more two hours old “Today,” and no longer provides specific time stamps for such stories.

This runs counter to most news organizations’ practices. Many still (and all should) provide permanent, specific time stamps. Those which don’t, including many search engines, at least indicate how many hours old a story is within a 1-23 hour range before labeling them “1 day old, 2 days old” etc.

This move makes it even more difficult to track revisions to AP stories, which is important given that older items on a given story are usually flushed down the memory hole.

This is no accident. This is yet another conscious decision to make it more difficult to trace the evolution of AP content.


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