October 31, 2017

As CNN and MSNBC Go Wall-to-Wall With Trump-Russia, ‘Some’ at Fox Are ‘Embarrassed’ at Its Coverage

Monday, as Paul Manafort and others were indicted, the CNN and MSNBC had the following three rules for covering those indictment and other matters relating to alleged Russian attempts to influence the U.S. opinion and policy: 1) Thou shalt only cover matters relating to President Donald Trump and Russia; 2) While doing so, thous shalt ignore Russia’s interactions with Bill Clinton, Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary; 3) Thou shalt not report any other news stories today. The CNN Media blog, which is part of Money.CNN.com, reports that a few leftists at the more open-minded Fox News — if Fox wasn’t open-minded, they wouldn’t be there — are furious their network didn’t fall in line, both in saturation and tone.


Benefit For Stanley Moore, November 5

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*StanleyMoore1017SHORT VERSION: On Sunday, November 5, from 3-7 p.m., there will a benefit event to raise money to pay Stanley Moore’s leukemia- heart surgery-related medical costs at the 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati. Please consider attending (full detail is here at the October 30 post). Whether you can or can’t be there, please consider donating at Stanley Moore’s YouCaring.com page.

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Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (103117)

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