November 4, 2017

NFL Advertisers to NBC: Stop Showing Players’ Protests

The unease among advertisers over falling National Football League TV ratings is starting to boil over. One of the league’s major sponsors is considering pulling the plug on its NFL advertising next year, and, according to Business Insider’s Mike Shields, other “brands are threatening to pull ads from NFL coverage if NBC keeps covering players’ national-anthem protests.” If those ad dollars go away, technological shifts may cause advertisers to decide not to return.


Saturday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (110417)

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Sorry this is going up so late, and that I missed yesterday.

This open thread is meant for commenters to post on items either briefly noted below (if any) or otherwise not covered at this blog. Rules are here.

Media Won’t Genuinely Describe Full Scope of Fusion GPS’s Work

Now that Hillary Clinton has admitted that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee — which we now know her campaign totally controlled beginning in August 2015 — paid Fusion GPS for the infamous Trump-Russia dossier, it’s long past time that people understand the full scope of what that firm, which has been serially misrepresented as just another “opposition research” outfit, has done to change the media landscape. Don’t count on the establishment press to do it, because, as we’ll see, Fusion has played a major role in corrupting their determination of what “news” is, how it gets covered — and how it gets covered up.


Benefit For Stanley Moore Is Sunday (Tomorrow), November 5

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*StanleyMoore1017TOMORROW, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5, from 3-7 p.m., there will a benefit event to raise money to pay Stanley Moore’s leukemia- heart surgery-related medical costs at the 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati. Please consider attending (full detail is below). Whether you can or can’t be there, please consider donating at Stanley Moore’s page.

NOTE TO READERS: This post or a similar one will stay at the top of the home page until the event takes place.


Some readers here know that music is my favorite hobby, and that I have played keyboards in several bands in recent years (two currently).

One of those is Soul Quest, an R&B band with two great female vocalists, drums, bass — and its leader and guitar player, Stanley Moore.

*StanleyMoore1017Stan is a rock-solid, lunch-pail, blue-collar guy whose decades-long day job has been fixing cars. He has been fighting leukemia for years, and beaten it twice. In the two-plus years I’ve known him, I have yet to understand how he has been able to function at the high level he does while fighting such a devastating disease. But he has.

Recently, though, it became obvious that he needed heart surgery. That operation took place in mid-September.

After the operation, the leukemia came back. I see him once a week, and I can tell you that, despite that setback, he is making nice progress towards recovery.

But meanwhile, his unpaid medical bills have gone into the stratosphere.

Stanley Moore’s family and friends are holding a benefit on November 5 to raise money to pay those bills.

Everyone in the Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area and points beyond is welcome to attend. There is no admission fee. Attendees can donate at the door, or by participating in the event’s silent auction.

Additionally, a “” page, a GoFundMe equivalent, has been set up here. The goal is to raise $75,000.

That seems like a tall mountain to climb, but relatively small contributions from even a tiny percentage of the blogosphere’s bloggers and readers could go a long way towards raising that amount. I’m confident that if I can get the word out, which I and others involved will be trying my our best to do in the next 10 days, that we can raise a large percentage of what’s needed, and maybe even reach the top of that mountain.