November 14, 2017

AP Barely Recognizes Trump’s Role in Freeing UCLA Basketball Players Held on Shoplifting Charges in China

On Tuesday, three UCLA basketball players who were arrested in China last week on charges of shoplifting and who potentially faced 3 to 10 years in prison were released, thanks to intervention on their behalf by President Trump and the U.S. State Department. In sharp contrast to how other wire services have handled the news, two stories at the Associated Press, which almost certainly would have heralded presidential involvement if it had occurred during the previous administration, waited eight and ten paragraphs, respectively, to recognize Trump’s role in freeing them.


Boston Globe Columnist: ‘Hand Over Your Weapons’

The headline at David Scharfenberg’s Friday Boston Globe column reads: “Hand over your weapons.” One might have expected the column to include a discussion of knives, arrows, swards, and the like. But of course it doesn’t. It’s all about why “seizing a huge number of weapons from law-abiding citizens” (meaning “millions of those firearms”) would supposedly be a good idea, and how this Herculean feat might be accomplished.


Tuesday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111417)

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Positivity: Research proves social conservatives right — Marriage helps families escape poverty

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Tue Nov 7, 2017 – 4:02 pm EST

The one big factor separating poor families from comfortable and wealthy families is marriage, say sociologists.

Writing in The Federalist, Glenn T. Stanton of Focus on the Family reviewed the current literature indicating that marriage has replaced employment and education as the central factor in the financial well-being of families. His findings are startling.