November 17, 2017

Fake Fact Check: Politifact Gives an Obviously Satirical Bergdahl Entry ‘Pants on Fire’

Boy, it’s good thing that Google and Facebook have enlisted “fact checkers” like the Associated Press, Snopes, and Politifact to vet questionable stories appearing in their news feeds. After all, those sites are experts at identifying so-called “fake news” … oh, wait a minute. Politifact just wasted its time fact-checking and evaluating a story published by a widely known, self-acknowledged satire site.


NY Times Op-Ed: ‘The Pence Rule’ Is a False Solution to ‘Male Predation’

On Wednesday, Katelyn Beaty, described as “an editor at large for Christianity Today and the author of ‘A Woman’s Place,’” tried to make “A Christian Case Against the ‘Pence Rule.’”  In the process, she smeared the rule, and the Vice President, as being in place primarily to avoid “male predation.”


Not News: Biden Says Texas Hero ‘Shouldn’t Be Carrying’ the Gun He Had

Leave it to a gun-grabbing Democrat to see something negative in the life-saving actions of the legal gun owner who put a stop to Devin Patrick Kelley’s killing spree in Sutherland Springs, Texas on November 5. Asked on Monday to justify the Democratic Party’s position on gun control in light of Stephen Willeford’s heroics that day, former Vice President Joe Biden said that “the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying.” Thus far, only center-right outlets have considered this outrageous statement newsworthy.


Friday Off-Topic (Moderated) Open Thread (111717)

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Positivity: ‘They were not going to be victims’: Cheektowaga police hail shooting bystanders as heroes

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From Cheektowaga, New York:

Published November 15, 2017
Updated November 15, 2017

When gunfire erupted Tuesday afternoon outside a Dollar General store, two men at a neighboring business jumped into action.

And now they’re being called heroes by police.

As a man started firing a pump action firearm into the discount store at Union Road and Gardenville Parkway West, Christopher Kaufmann, a manager at Daryll’s Car Audio across the street, called 911.

Mark Pinnavaia, the owner of Daryll’s, grabbed his cellphone and keys and hopped into his Ford Focus in the parking lot. His initial intention, he said, was to maintain a good vantage point so he could be “the best witness that I could possibly be.”

“But I felt that I had to do something,” Pinnavaia said.

When he saw the gunman put down his weapon for a second time, Pinnavaia gunned his car toward him.

“At that point I put my car in drive and I proceeded to drive as fast as I possibly could to hit the individual,” he said. “I had full intentions to hit him, if that’s what it would take to stop him.”

Though Pinnavaia wasn’t sure how fast he was going, his compact car crossed Gardenville Parkway West and clipped the shooter — who police identified as Travis J. Green, 29 — as he leapt in the air.

“There’s actually a footprint on the hood of my vehicle where he hit,” he said.

Green began to run around the Dollar General building — with Pinnavaia and Kaufmann giving chase — then up towards Union Road and along the side of the road.

Pinnavaia said he was about 5 feet behind Green when they reached the roadway. When Green jumped over the guardrail, Pinnavaia saw Cheektowaga police with guns drawn.

Pinnavaia stopped and put his hands in the air. Green kept running. And that’s when Cheektowaga Police Lt. Anthony Filipski tackled Green.

“They were instrumental in stopping the firing,” Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack said of Pinnavaia and Kaufmann. “They definitely intervened and stopped the threat.”

Neither Pinnavaia nor Kaufmann has military backgrounds, but Pinnavaia is a member of the Erie County Sheriff’s Reserve Division, which means he’s received training in firearms and defensive tactics, as well as classroom training.

Pinnavaia is not supplied a weapon as a reserve deputy and did not have a gun with him on Tuesday when the shooting started, he said.

“I wasn’t going to be a victim,” he said.

Despite the accolades from police and others, Pinnavaia and Kaufmann said they don’t consider themselves heroes. …

Go here for the rest of the story.