November 17, 2017

Not News: Biden Says Texas Hero ‘Shouldn’t Be Carrying’ the Gun He Had

Leave it to a gun-grabbing Democrat to see something negative in the life-saving actions of the legal gun owner who put a stop to Devin Patrick Kelley’s killing spree in Sutherland Springs, Texas on November 5. Asked on Monday to justify the Democratic Party’s position on gun control in light of Stephen Willeford’s heroics that day, former Vice President Joe Biden said that “the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying.” Thus far, only center-right outlets have considered this outrageous statement newsworthy.

Biden appeared on NBC’s Today Show on Monday to promote a new book and to take audience questions.

The first question, seen in the video snip below, concerned gun control:

Transcript (HT The Federalist; bolds are mine throughout this post):

HODA KOBT, NBC’s TODAY SHOW: We have Republicans, Democrats, people from all walks of life. We have Brianna with a question about gun control.

AUDIENCE MEMBER BRIANNA: Hello. So with the tragedy that just happened in Texas, my question is, how do you justify the Democratic view on gun control when the shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun?

JOE BIDEN: Well, first of all, the kind of gun being carried he shouldn’t be carrying. Assault weapons are — I wrote the first, the last serious gun control law that was written and was law for 10 years, and it outlawed assault weapons and it outlawed weapons with magazines that held a whole lot of bullets so you could kill a lot of people a whole lot more quickly.

Number one. Number two, it’s just rational to say certain people shouldn’t have guns. Now the fact that some people with guns are legally able to acquire a gun and they turn out to be crazy after the fact, that’s life. There’s nothing you can do about that, but we can save a lot of lives and we’ve stopped tens of thousands of people from getting guns who shouldn’t have guns.

Stephen Willeford strongly disagrees with Biden, saying in an interview the day after the massacre that he probably wouldn’t have been able to stop Kelley’s killing spree if he had only been armed with a pistol:

Hero Who Stopped Texas Gunman: I Couldn’t Have Stopped Him Without My AR-15

“If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and kevlar and helmets, it might have been futile,” Willeford said. “I ran out with an AR-15 and that’s what he was shooting the place up with.”

… “I hate to politicize that, but that’s reality,” he added.

“I think my God and my Lord protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done,” he said while choking back tears. “I just wish I could’ve gotten there faster, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know what was happening.”

The Federalist’s Bre Payton took apart Biden’s “assault weapon” nonsense on Wednesday:

… “Assault weapon” is a nonsense term not usable in legislation, since it could apply to any object used to attack another person. An assault rifle generally means a select-fire or automatic rifle with an intermediate cartridge designed for military use. The AR-15 is not an assault rifle, most clearly because it is semiautomatic. Civilians are already banned from owning automatic weapons.

… Biden apparently doesn’t think guns are useful for self-defense and protecting others, even though police and soldiers can’t stop bad guys without guns, and neither can private citizens. Public records are replete with instances of private citizens enjoying protection against evil when armed.

The bottom line is that if Joe Biden had his way, he would have long ago taken away the gun Stephen Willeford used to stop Kelley’s killing spree.

Brianna Morello, the Today Show questioner, reacted strongly to Biden’s answer in a column at

… He (Biden) placed blame on the hero of this tragedy, rather than the murderer who gunned down over two dozen innocent churchgoers.

… Statements such as this are precisely what is wrong with the liberal left and most office holders in the Democratic Party. Rather than addressing the actual issue, they marginalize law abiding citizens simply to further their agenda. The Democratic Party unfortunately uses events such as the Texas and Las Vegas massacres as motives to advance their policy aims, which is nothing more than greater government control of its citizens.

Democrats have mastered the manipulation strategy of deceiving their base into believing the false narratives they promote. This is true especially in cases regarding the Second Amendment. The Constitution holds, “The right of people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” For strict constitutionalists, such as myself, there is no debate. However, liberals spew false interpretations of this amendment in order create a shift of power toward the government.

A Google News search at 9:45 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday returned 16 relevant results. None of them came from an establishment press outlet. Searches on Biden’s name at the Associated Press’s main site and at the New York Times returned nothing relevant.


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  1. You just missed what he said. He said he wrote the first and last gun control law. Clever.

    Comment by Jim — November 17, 2017 @ 7:09 pm

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